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Wedding, Dog

This weekend, JP and I zipped up to a wedding in Alabama. We stayed in Columbus, Georgia and got to spend some time with her family. It was actually a pretty fun weekend, despite two long drives two days apart. Here are the pictures.

More importantly, tonight we are heading to visit a Central Florida Labradoodle breeder to check out their puppies. I cannot wait to get a dog.

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Benny’s Wedding

Jenn and I went to my friend Benny’s wedding this weekend. I was the best man, I gave a LONG roast speech. It was a good time. I got to catch up with a bunch of my old high school buddies, and I kinda wonder why I don’t stay in touch with them more. More on that, and pictures, soon.

Also, I listed my Macbook Pro on Craig’s List. If it sells, I’m buying a new iMac.

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I’m back

I’m back. The wedding was incredible. The honeymoon was fantastic. Pictures will follow.

Let me record some thoughts from the last week:

  1. Sleeping in a hammock on the beach with a Pina Colada is the best relaxation technique ever.
  2. If Reggie Bush had waited even another day to sign with the Saints, he would have sacrificed more with New Orleanians than any amount of money could replace.
  3. Ann Coulter is the most hateful bitch ever. I won’t use “the C word” on this blog, but dammit, she deserves it! She spews negativity. She has set up this idea of “the liberal” and attacked it, despite the fact that it really doesn’t exist, and used her vile toxicity to sell books. …Of which she’s done a damn good job. When she called liberals “godless,” but then refused to “make it personal” or name even a single person who fit into that category, she made a fool of herself. That’s like saying “Christianity is a religion of sinners,” but then when asked about individual Christians, saying “I’m not making this personal, this is about Christianity in general.” God she sucks.
  4. The fact that there are people out there who are sympathetic to Lebanon right now – a state that actively supports a terrorist organization – is sick and sad. It illustrates that the “war on terror” is complete bullshit. Any American who believes this is a hypocrite and any foreigner who believes it is spitting in the face of America. You may not like how Israel is going about it, but it’s certainly no worse than we’ve done in Iraq, and THAT was unprovoked.

    Here’s a great Martin Luther King quote: “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

  5. The Yankees have GOT to invest in some prospects, for fear of condemning themselves to an eternity of all-star-size contracts for aging success stories. And they need some pitching depth. But you’re still my boy, Moose.
  6. It takes about 3 days to get used to a wedding ring.
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This is it

It looks like I won’t be doing any more work on firsttube.com before the wedding. I’ve got too much to do. In fact, I’m not sure why I’m even posting, I ought to just say “see ya” until I get back. But instead, I’ll probably post one or two more times.

It’s INSANE how much stuff has to be done last minute. All these pre-wedding meetings and dinners and stuff the family wants me to set up. It’s silly, really, but necessary I guess.

Anyway, we’re getting really close.

In other news, I bought a Bluetooth mouse for my MBP. It will help me clean up the desk. Also, we bought a new Canon Powershot yesterday to take on the honeymoon. Unlike my old Kodak Easyshare, it mounts in OS X and lets me see the photos before I download them. Plus, it’s gorgeous.

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Four Days and Counting

Four days til the wedding. This week is, understandably, insane. We have a boatload of stuff left to do – mostly cleaning and stuff that couldn’t be done til the last second like the placecards and seating chart. So tonight I take the PDFs down to be printed and pray there are no more changes.

We went to a wedding this weekend, and it was nice. It was a little “dress rehearsal” so we could see some things we want/wanted to do.


Friday, about noon Eastern

So it’s Friday, and this has been an interesting week, to say the least. For a lot of reasons, I don’t want to get into it too much here, but it’s been a very long week. It’s really caused me to do a lot of thinking about things in general, and come to a few conclusions.

1. I need to focus more on the present and less on rushing into the future. Too much time spent thinking about “tomorrow” is generally just wasting “now.”

2. Having a todo list on paper is SO MUCH less stressful than having it in your head.

3. I am really genuinely excited for the wedding, and I really do consider myself lucky to find someone so fantastic who gets me, puts up me with, lets me care for her, and is such a perfect partner.

It’s rare for someone like me – someone who reads and researches almost hyperbolically, has compulsive tendencies, and is so methodical and detailed, to truly stop and enjoy the moment. That’s my new mission.

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Wednesday, about 2 PM Eastern.

I’m tired. Have been all week. We went to Connecticut this weekend for wedding shower 2 of 3 and this weekend Jenn heads up to NJ for the third and final. Then it’s really crunch time. Seriously, this thing is going to happen in just a few weeks. Everything and all of my energy is moving towards to the wedding, and I’m really excited to do it already. 9 months is a long time to be in the planning stages.


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The Chaos Begins…. NOW!

This weekend we head to New Smyrna with Nate and Jensey, who are doing our wedding photography. They are taking us out on another engagement session, which is awesome. The first one produced some great photos, and he’s already used several on his website under the “engagement photos” section.

Then next weekend, we’re off to Connecticut for a bridal shower. The next weekend is a shower in New Jersey, the weekend after that is my bachelor party. Then we have one last weekend before the wedding! It’s getting closer!

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General Update n Shit.

Well, the big news is that Jenn and I got our marriage license today. So, 37 days to go, and we are now legal to tie the knot. Woohoo! She’s currently typing away on her iBook (wishing for a Macbook, btw), telling people about the updates I made to paleyscheinberg.com last night. It’s a simple site I built with iWeb, but it’s very easy, and takes a HELL of a lot less time than writing PHP. It’s static, but simple.

That said, I’ve been writing all sorts of fun things lately. I’ve been really doing a lot of javascript work – tons of AJAX stuff and a lot of script.aculo.us and prototype code. I fixed several behaviors in the Galaxy code, but only applied them to /staff so far. Ultimately, it’s a nice looking app and behaves really well. The next step is adding a few new features:

1. The ability to purge last fetch time, for testing purposes.
2. Turn off feed fetch time update in fetch.php (not in autofetch.php).
3. Add a newer & older link to the bottom of the page.
4. Potentially, add links to add comments to the native blog.

I got a new book today which I’m going to be reviewing for OSNews called Object Oriented PHP from No Starch Press. So far, so good.

I’m about to take a stab at the new comments template for OSNews version 4. It is going to include some additional information, like registered date, average score, and number of posts. This might help people decide who they should trust more.

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