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Damn It, Twitter!


All goddamned day I’ve been getting this goddamned whale on Twitter. I’ve also been trying to change the background of my stream, but although it always reports successful (when it doesn’t fail due to capacity problems), it never changes. It either replaces my background with nothing, or it uses the background I had three or four changes ago. God damn it, Twitter, get your goddamned act together!

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I can’t remember life before Gmail, but I’m reasonably sure it sucked.

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Facebook’s New Interface

Facebook loosed their new interface this week.  Thus far, there is nothing “live” about it.  This makes me very sad.

Honestly, if Facebook doesn’t introduce AJAX-y live update goodness to their homepage, I suspect I’ll use Facebook about 11% as much as I used to.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

Suddenly, I find myself kind of addicted to Twitter. Unlike a website, RSS, or even Facebook, it really caters to the ADD side of me in an amazing way. However, Twitter can be a little confusing at first, so this is a very basic primer for the uninitiated. Read on for much more. 

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You’re So Money, You Don’t Even Know It


According to Web 2.0 friendly site Stimator, firsttube.com is beach front property. According to Stimator, firsttube.com is worth $2,146,840. Of course, the only people who might actually find it worth more than a few twenties is a spammer, since I’m rich in search engine placements and backlinks. Still, nice to be loved.
Why Stimator put so much effort into designing an awesome interface and then decided to leave a major grammatical problem in their badge is beyond me.



I’ve decided to give Twitter a go again. It seems to move pretty quickly and satiate my ADD by filling in the gaps in my Facebook live feed.  If you and I know each other, give me a shout @sethadam1.

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Facebook Translations

Did you know that Facebook is offered in both Pirate and l33t sp34k?

Facebook Translations

Facebook Translations

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Facebook Blows My Mind

Everyday, I’m a little more amazed and impressed by Facebook. The way it works, the way information is connected is just so useful and really smart.

First of all, I am simply blown away at the “friend suggestions” that Facebook offers me. I am constantly seeing people I really do know or names I recognize. I understand it’s probably not a very complex algorithm – see who my friends have recently friended who is not on my friend list and present them to me – but you know what? – it works. And that other site is miles behind, tech-wise.

I’ve also noticed that the number of people in my age group on Facebook is seemingly tripling every day.  I can’t believe the people I’m coming across these days – people I haven’t even thought of in over a decade are cropping up regularly.  And the fact that the “mini-feed” is keeping me informed of what they do via pictures and blurbs is just genius.

There are plenty of concerns about Facebook, from their Beacon debacle to the privacy issues to the data mining they are presumably doing, but the truth is that they are providing an amazing service in the meantime.

In the past few days, I’ve had some really interesting conversations pop up on some photos I posted.  The interesting part is that these are people, in some cases, I haven’t spoken to in years, and others I still talk to, but in all cases, it feels like a mini reunion.  I get to keep up with my friends easily.  I’ve not experienced another social network that has delivered like this, for me.

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OSNews vs. WordPress

I’ve spent quite a bit of time, over the last 5 or 6 days, diving into WordPress and learning what makes it tick.  Parts of WordPress are really impressive – just flat out cool. The way some of it works is fairly complex and deciphering it sometimes means reading page after page after page to understand an entire routine.  But sometimes, when you finally see, end to end, how something in WordPress works –  I mean really see individual bits of the engine – you have to admit it teaches you a little about PHP.  WordPress, underneath it all, is a pretty big beast and its strength and ubiquitous presence comes largely, I think, from the fact that it can do virtually anything.  The really sweet plugin system, the ways hooks work, “The Loop,” the dynamic options panel – it’s all very educational.  

The interesting thing here is that I’ve browsed the source of Slash, Scoop, phpNuke, and now WordPress, and all of them are definitively more complex and much heavier than the entire OSNews codebase. Now, before you jump all over me – firstly, Slash and Scoop are Perl, and I don’t really read Perl, so I can’t speak as an expert there.  Secondly, WordPress and Nuke both are very portable and dynamic, whereas OSNews has a narrow focus and, location-wise, is very static.  But that aside, OSNews has withstood simultaneous link bombs from Slashdot and Digg.  As amazing as WordPress is, it’s mostly amazing that it functions at all and loads in less than 2 minutes per page with as much going on as I can see behind the scenes.   That’s not a cut on WordPress, by the way.

In fact, if anything , what is really impressed upon me is how smooth and simple OSNews code is, if I may be so bold.  OSNews runs superfast due, in part, to lots of creative caching, some on-demand, some via cron.  But it also does so because of highly efficient queries that are measured for speed on their JOINs, meaning in some cases, it’s faster to do 20 simple queries than one complex one, or build a long and scary chain of “OR x=a OR x=b OR x=c OR x=d…”  Watching WordPress code in action is really fun for me, but watching OSNews work knowing what I now know about how much work PHP can cram into its threads is even more fun.

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New Bloglines Beta

Bloglines released a new “skin” on their Bloglines Beta this week.  Having been tied to the speed, look, and feel of the live bloglines.com, I decided to give it another shot.  Let me tell you, this one is head and shoulders better than the previous version.  Here are a few notes.

New Bloglines, Pretty Good!

First of all, the default skin is really nice.  Unlike the last one, this one is a little more “Plastik” and a little less glass.  I may be making this up – but since the entire experience is smoother, it feels lighter and more responsive.  The slow “clicking” of posts is gone.  Whereas before, if you scrolled down in Opera and other browsers it would slowly chunk down the page, it now scrolls smoothly and easily, without effort.

The fonts and basic layout are both familiar and attractive, and the javascript is very pleasant in its fading and other dynamic effects.

This is the first of the Bloglines betas that I could use everyday and the first I prefer to the live site.  Way to go, Bloglines team.

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