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First Lt. Ehren Watada Is a Hero

First Lieutenant Ehren Watada still refuses Iraq deployment orders, calling the war illegal. A six-year prison term could result. Preliminary hearings are set for Thursday.

To those who think that Lieutenant Watada is a traitor or a deserter, let me remind you of a time when a government scared its fearful citizens into segregating themselves. A time when disloyalty to the army was disloyalty to the nation. When opposing the government (which, by the way, is an American core value, protected by the Bill of Rights itself) made you unpatriotic. That time was Nazi Germany, and although it may *feel* like a hyperbolic analogy, I think it’s apt. And look how we remember it.

The government HAS decieved us and America is less safe today than a few years ago. BRAVO for a soldier whose allegiance is to the constitution and not a corrupt, criminal administration.

Lt. Watada is a hero. When he took his oath, he took it to uphold the American Constitution, not to blindly support a Commander in Chief. And when the Commander in Chief orders something illegal, should it be opposed? After all, wasn’t “I was just following orders” the defense used in Nuremburg? One we, as humans, found unacceptable? One that we felt was not an excuse? If Lt Watada is convinced, as about 51% of American people are, that the administration’s actions are illegal, if not plainly dispicable, and his goal is truly to fight for America, then he has greater convinction than most pathetic Americans who are committed to nothing but TV or an unquestioned political party. And if he’s willing to go to prison for his beliefs, he has more courage than most of the cowards who judge him anonymously on an online message baord.

History will vindicate this man. I remain convinced that history will remember President Bush as the worst president ever, even worse than Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan, or even Warren Harding. The “government” that exists today has done, and is doing, things so distinctly un-American than it’s easy to find quotes from our forefathers that expressly condemn their actions! Freedom of the press is at stake. Freedom of speech is at stake. Freedom to oppose your government is at stake. Your very rights are at stake – you can now be held without trial and tortured if you are suspected of being a terrorist. Your privacy is gone. And it’s all under the guide of “for your protection.” Folks, what good is safety if you have no freedom? Says Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

I wonder what it will be like when we have some distance from this era and we look back: will we be living in a 1984-like military state? Or will our freedoms be restored and we remember this as I expect, like a period where a self-serving administration sought to control its citizens and promote its own agenda?

Time will tell.

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