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Father Demonstrates That He Is Complete Douche Bag

Just when you think that no one could be a bigger douche bag than Ted Haggard, along comes Dan Hinkle to prove you wrong. Here’s the gist of it:

Dan Hinkle is the commissioner of a Fairfax, VA football league. His son plays for one of the teams, the South County Raptors. One day, head coach James Owens, pays Dan Hinkle’s son Scott on offense instead of defense, and is instantly fired. Turns out Hinkle had a rule: his son plays every minute of every game all season or the league goes bye bye. And, sure enough, he stood by his word. He immediately disbanded the league right before the championship leaving almost 4000 12-14 year olds with no post-season whatsoever. Everything just went – BOOM! – and went away.

First off, if I were a 12-14 year old in Fairfax playing for this league, I’d get my buddies together to beat the @!#% out of little Scott Hinkle. That poor kid – his father should know better. How will his friends look at him now that they know that when he didn’t get his playtime, his daddy pulled the plug on the entire league. What a sad sack. Sadly for Scott, this is how playground rules work. I would never socialize with this kid solely because his father is a complete douche.

Secondly, as a parent, I’d organize an unsanctioned title tournament for everyone that is outside the control of this clown Hinkle. Then I’d make every effort to make sure the entire community knows that parents like this are the problem. They teach their kids everything that is wrong with America today. Entitlement – that you have some sort of right. Sportsmanship – that it’s ok if everything is about you despite everyone else. Teamwork – all for one, one for one.

I feel bad for Scott Hinkle, I do. But I hope someone punches Dan Hinkle square in his nose.

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