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Reviews are Tumbling In!

Summer tour has begun, and reviews are coming in. Be sure to head over to the phish.net to check them out, and if you went to a show, why not submit a review so everyone can share your experience?

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Summer Tour

With Summer tour only a few days away, what are the songs you’re most interested in hearing? Are they new, Round Room-era songs, or are you jonesing for some oldies? I was just playing around and decided that, if I could have Phish play today, here’s what I’d want to hear. Some of my picks are surprising, since I’ve already heard them many times. Here’s what on my mind, in no particular order:

Buried Alive, Forbin’s > Mockingbird, Piper, Glide, Peaches en Regalia, Ghost, Birds of a Feather, Dog Log, and maybe Trey’s “Drifting.”

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