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Need Sleepy!!

This has been a long few weeks. I almost forgot about my sweet little blog here, because I have been coding the living crap out of osnews.com version 3. I have pretty much rewritten the entire logic of the site, certainly changed the code almost 100%, and implemented a ton of new features outside the scope of the original project.

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weak, dude.

once again – working on a saturday morning. so friggin lame. get this crap – i fall asleep last night before 10 pm. i know because my cell phone rang at 10:04 and i chose not to answer it.

then i woke up at 6;40 am. this waking up early business has got to stop. then here i am working for 2 hours. tuesday i find out what the final numbers are. they had better be good. because tomorrow, i’m getting a paper and applying for an assload of jobs either way.

we’ll see what happens.


my mind is on the blink.

i’m so tired. i got a decent night’s sleep, but i find nearly every friday around the end of the day, i just CRASH because of the energy/stress/work of the week. i need acupuncture again.

i can look forward to falling asleep at about 9, i think.


Insomnia. Hence, Observation.

I can’t sleep.

It’s 2:53 in the morning, so it’s not obscene, and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, so it’s not tragic or, really, that big of a deal. I wrote some code today that I expect to use on the new phatphiles.org site, but I’m getting close to the end of my “coding spree.” Usually, I get real into it for a few weeks and then don’t write anything for weeks. Lather, rinse, repeat.

In other news, I haven’t really done shit this weekend. Friday night I played poker, then got a flat tire at 2:45 AM and had to keep my buddy Doug up until about 4:15 until the guy could come with the right bolt to get the tire off. Saturday, I went to the movies with Jess and Christy, but not much else. Today was a complete waste, although I’m getting my stuff in order for Operation: Orlando. It’s way too early to do anything about it, but I am almost compelled to – I mean, why wait?

In other news, this weblog is providing more entertainment for me than in iterations past. Putting a link on the front of firsttube.com has made me think twice about some of the inane shit I’ve posted in the past. Most of my rants are raves would be better suited for my kuro5hin.org diary, but here is home, so here most of it shall stay.

In other news, I can’t commit to a book. I’ve been trying to get back into reading, but I keep starting books and then ditching them because I just lose interest.

In other news, have you noticed how many people spell lose “loose?” It’s f*cking ridiculous. So many bad spellers everywhere you turn. And all this “myself” this, “myself” that. Learn to use English, people! Myself is reserved for reflexive verbs only. Sheesh.

In other news, I want to use the word “nonplussed” more frequently, when appropriate. It’s a nice word.

In other news, I never meet people named Dustin.

In other news, my beard is bad luck. Tomorrow it will become a goatee again, unless I f up the shaving, which is almost likely, in which case, I’ll shave it all off. Since my beard, I’ve had two flat tires, a nasty flu, a kidney infection that has caused numerous bloood tests and the cancellation of my LASIK surgery, my job blows, and I haven’t done a damn thing socially worth jack. Tomorrow, it goes.

In other news, turns out Dame Edna is pretty damned funny.

In other news, I wonder how many people out there are Ayn Rand fans. I brought my We The Living book to the ER last week and a nurse, whom I shamefully admit I completely prejudged, reported that she was a big Ayn Rand fan. We discussed Objectivism as superficially as two can, and she recommend some books on Eastern philosophies and spirituality, citing a book called “The Seven Spiritual Laws” or something like that. She explained that, like I, she was not a religious person, but that her spiritual existence was not deemed dead just yet. At this point, I predictably began to find her attractive. Of course, it’s hard to get your game on when the next move is to hand someone a cup of your pee as she jabs you with a needle and extracts about a pint of blood from you. I’m almost excited to get my blood tested again just to see the nurse.

In other news, NASA has discussed the possiblity of sending men to Mars by 2010. President Bush may even announce this news in his State of the Union address. It would cost billions, but I think it’s worth it. Sure, there isn’t amazing face value to it, but think about the Golden Age of space travel, when astronauts were the coolest thing in the world. There was excitement, and men worldwide shared in the accomplishments of other men instead of arguing over oil. The accomplishment is something the human race needs. In my humble opinion.

In other news….wait, no….that’s all.

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He was such a stupid git…

I’m so tired. I was at work for like 12 hours today. Admittedly, I the last hour was me just yapping about at Identix, but I’m feeling completely and totally energy-less. I’m so tired that even though I have dinner downstairs I want to call Dominos and try their new “kicker” boneless chicken wing things.

Whenever I say I’m going to go to bed early, I never do. So, although I’m dog tired, I guarantee I’ll be up until midnight.

What I wanted to write is that until about 2 hours ago, I hadn’t paid much mind to tomorrow being 9-11 and all. However, Tommy Ridge jacked us up to Code Orange on the Homeland Security scale, and now I’m thinking, “Man, if I were a terrorist, and I were going to somehow suicide bomb something or other, 9-11 would be the day to do it – I’d seal it as a day that every American would be scared s**tless forever!” Gotta say, now I’m kinda scared for tomorrow. I think something is going to happen, and I’m praying it ain’t in DC.

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