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Install From Time Machine

I got my new iMac in late last week – the 24″ 3.06 Ghz aluminum one with 4GB RAM – and it *is* sweet.  I’ve set up a Mac fresh, I’ve set up a machine using the Migration Assistant, and I’ve used target disk mode, but I’ve not yet had the chance to rebuild from a time machine backup.  Did it work?

Suffice it to say it was incredible.  Using just my external hard drive, it read my backup, asked me what I wanted to restore (it found 4 things: Users, Network Settings, Applications, and “Files and Folders”).  I checked them all.  After a few simple questions, it told me that it would take just shy of 4 hours to complete.   Surprisingly, it was done a scant 150 minutes later.  When I booted up, I was amazed. Not only did everything come over, it was almost as if it was my exact machine.  Barely a noticeable difference, save speed and size.  

A few things slipped by, for example, I had changed /System/Library/CoreServices/DefaultDesktop.jpg to a custom image, which it did not preserve.  I had changed some system icons, and those new icons did not preseve, but, for example, my external time machine drive had a custom icon, and it did remain.  The new install also required many updates I had already applied to my old OS X installation. 


Time Machine Restore: Incroyable!

Time Machine Restore: Incroyable!

All in all, though, I’ve never seen a smoother or faster migration.  The power of UNIX – everything living in predictable directories and segregated into “Library” folders, means that both backing up and restoring have a power that the Windows Registry simply can’t match.  In fact, in wading through all of this, it has a severe handicap when it comes to system migration due to the fact that data is mashed into so many inconsistent places.  

Apple has pissed me off quite a bit recently.  But – oh boy! – did they re-energize me with this one!

Update: worth noting, here is a great article on restoring from a time machine backup.

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Time Machine

This is a repost of something I just wrote as a comment on OSNews:

Shadow copies, at least in the current Volume Shadow Copy implementation, are most definitely NOT “exactly” the same thing as Time Machine. While VSC is very similar, it’s designed to do snapshots at certain times. This is fine for most restores, but in general, if you modify a document several times, you only have the version at the time of the snapshot. As I understand Time Machine, it does a snapshot at modification time, so you have each modification.

This might seem like a marginal difference, but in reality, it’s anything but trivial. This is a world of difference and nothing like this currently exists in a usable form in the base install of ANY consumer OS today. So while it may not be a new idea, it certainly IS innovation.

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Leopard This Spring

I’m not going to blog this, because every other site on the Internet is going to over-report it, but the WWDC started today and the Keynote held few major surprises. For me, the biggest thing announced is Time Machine, the version control system built into Mac OS X Leopard. I wonder if it’s built on Subversion or CVS or something new. Let’s not forget that Microsoft already has volume shadow copy, which is already deployed and as far as I’m concerned, invaluable to daily business. But alas, until spring…

Leopard Teaser

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