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Monday Rowing, Tuesday Badminton, Dancin

Here we are, it’s Sunday, and it’s 5:16 and has felt like 7:30 for about 3 hours. I’m making Hawaiian sweet bread and fricken finally unpacking and that’s that. I was at Midyear for the last few days, and I thought I might get together with AB this weekend, but she got sick. Too bad! She is so gorgeous, it makes me a little crazy. I also have to catch up with HM, because she’s cool too, and I won’t be able to see her for some time since I’m out of town for the next 8 zillion weekends (well, 3, but still!)

I’m tired too. I need a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow I’m back at work, and I’ll be wrapping up tCH/SQL, which is tCH 0.4, which is pretty sweet.


Deltona, and some other crap

So, I’m living in Deltona now. I’m here, moved in (mostly), and I’m going to be keeping up to date again. I’m finishing up tCH 0.4, which has ported the back-end to MySQL. I’m eventually going to release FL2, I guess without language packs, since no one has done them. More later, I’m tired.

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