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I have used SSL on several servers before, but last week I installed a certificate authority on a Windows 2000 box and generated a self-signed cert for a website we’re working on. Today, I tried to generate a cert for our new email server and found that the damned thing will NOT work. It simply won’t load in IE at all, and Mozilla gives me a -8101 error, which is completely flippin’ useless, since I can’t find any info on how to remedy this.

I suspect it’s because the browser doesn’t “trust” the signing authority, but I couldn’t, in the 30 minutes I played with it, find a workaround. I opened up HTTP again, and may have to resort to a true authority like Thawte for this, but I’d really like to solve the problem.

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SSL, VMWare, and Credit Cards, Oh my!

Last night, I renewed our SSL cert using Thawte services. I had purchased certs in the past from RapidSSL, which was very easy to use, but Thawte was a pain in the butt. It’s really time to redesign our website at Massey, and we just hired a group to work on it. Hopefully soon, they will have a nice, fixed width, modern looking page for us.

I installed VMWare Server on a friend’s server, and let me tell you, it’s been updated since our GSX release. It works mostly the same way, but I need to play with it. It knows several new oSes, such as RHEL4, which is what I’m planning on installing. The reason is because I completed an online credit card charging application for work. It’s pretty slick – it uses some AJAX to look up the account number and prefill the fields, including previous credit card transactions to pre-fill the cc and expiration date, and then charges online via PayFlow Pro. It’s ugly, but useful.

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