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A Plan for the Yankees

It sucks to be a Yankees fan right now. As we read more and more headlines like “Gross singles in 11th, Rays beat Yankees“, it becomes harder and harder to remain so committed.

It’s not like being a Cubs fan, or a Red Sox fan of days past. They were bad teams and they didn’t win. But when you have a team that looks great on paper, and – oh, by the way – is the highest payroll in Major League Baseball, you can reasonably expect a competitive team. That’s why the Yankees need to adopt the plan I’ve been yapping about for the last three or four years. Here goes:

The Yankees are a high priced team consisting of many expensive veteran players. The problem is, it’s a slippery slope, and to remain at that level or better, you must continue to acquire expensive, proven talent. Where does it get you? A team that doesn’t gel, a team that costs more each year, and a team that can’t produce. Why are there $50 million teams that can win in the post season and the Yankees can’t?

Enter my plan. It’s radical. It starts like this: scuttle the ship. We’ve gotta dump Abreu, Damon, Giambi, and Posada. We’ll keep Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, and Matsui. Start replacing your empty spots with younger guys with potential behind the bat. Melky Cabrera, Shelley Duncan… these guys need game time, not just when there’s an injury. Good guys become great only with experience.

Then we have to revisit pitching. We need to invest in some young prospects. Not just one. Don’t pin the hopes of the season on just one guy. Stop investing in $20 million/yr guys who no longer produce. Start sinking some cash into developing young guys by giving them some early innings. Accept that for a few years, we’re going to be not-so-good. And let’s focus on a few prospects we can grow into superstars. After all, until recently, when his effectiveness has declined slightly, who was our secret weapon? Mariano Rivera, homegrown talent.

Now is the perfect time to execute this plan. The AL is as competitive as ever, there are some really good teams, and the odds of making the post-season, frankly, are against us. I recognize that it’s early in the season, but the Yankees strength has always been in slow-but-steady consistency. I don’t see that this year, and even if I did, there are enough good teams that even that old trick may not play out in Yankee favor. If we’re going to lose, I’d like to take advantage of that time to rebuild, restructure, retrain, re-energize, and reinvigorate.

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Thoughts on the State of the Yankees

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about whether or not the Yankees should fire Joe Torre. On one hand, I believe that Torre is the best coach in the league and it would be silly to replace him for what amounts to an offensive collapse and the inability of our pitchers to perform. At the same time, I believe that some fresh blood would do the Yanks some good.

The fact is simple: the Yankees first 50 games or so were a disaster. They lost about 30 of them, for one and they looked piss poor as a unit. As fans watched some of the most expensive players in baseball tank, other, smaller, less expensive ball clubs succeeded with young prospects.

Now, I have maintained for about 3 years that the Yankees need to purge some of the their older veteran superstars and invest in some young talent; they have to expect to trade 2-3 years of post-season appearances in order to season their players with experience. But George Steinbrenner wouldn’t ever do something like that. And that is why the Yankees are a $200 million plus club with no ring since the millenium.

As a result, I advocate taking a backwards step for the future of the club. Every dynasty ends and must be rebuilt. Now is a good time to let that payroll wind down a notch.

So, while I think the best choice is to keep Joe Torre, installing another coach would not break my heart. And if they allow Rivera and A-Rod to go, they might as well dismantle most of the core team and start over with your young stars: Cano, Hughes, Joba, Shelley Duncan, Melky, even Jeter. But might as well refresh Posada, Abreu, Mussina, Pettite, Giambi, etc.

Some will say a true fan would never agree to a plan like this, but I would ask them what’s more embarassing: rebuilding, conceding a few years of postseason play, or losing 6 years in a row with a payroll almost twice that of every other team?

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Mark McGwire Not Elected to Hall of Fame

Mark McGwire, home run king, who single handedly rescued a much ailing baseball in 1998, was denied access by a large margin to the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday. McGwire is an alleged cheater, in that he supposedly took supplements — supplements that were legal according to baseball rules at the time. McGwire is a legend, he was a driving force behind the reinvigoration of baseball in the late 90’s, after the pathetic downstride post 1994 strike.

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I’m back

I’m back. The wedding was incredible. The honeymoon was fantastic. Pictures will follow.

Let me record some thoughts from the last week:

  1. Sleeping in a hammock on the beach with a Pina Colada is the best relaxation technique ever.
  2. If Reggie Bush had waited even another day to sign with the Saints, he would have sacrificed more with New Orleanians than any amount of money could replace.
  3. Ann Coulter is the most hateful bitch ever. I won’t use “the C word” on this blog, but dammit, she deserves it! She spews negativity. She has set up this idea of “the liberal” and attacked it, despite the fact that it really doesn’t exist, and used her vile toxicity to sell books. …Of which she’s done a damn good job. When she called liberals “godless,” but then refused to “make it personal” or name even a single person who fit into that category, she made a fool of herself. That’s like saying “Christianity is a religion of sinners,” but then when asked about individual Christians, saying “I’m not making this personal, this is about Christianity in general.” God she sucks.
  4. The fact that there are people out there who are sympathetic to Lebanon right now – a state that actively supports a terrorist organization – is sick and sad. It illustrates that the “war on terror” is complete bullshit. Any American who believes this is a hypocrite and any foreigner who believes it is spitting in the face of America. You may not like how Israel is going about it, but it’s certainly no worse than we’ve done in Iraq, and THAT was unprovoked.

    Here’s a great Martin Luther King quote: “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

  5. The Yankees have GOT to invest in some prospects, for fear of condemning themselves to an eternity of all-star-size contracts for aging success stories. And they need some pitching depth. But you’re still my boy, Moose.
  6. It takes about 3 days to get used to a wedding ring.
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World Cup Headbutting Madness

This is lifted DIRECTLY from the Register. All credit goes to them, I’m reprinting it here only because it’s funny as hell.

Update 08/08/06: I’ve moved the images to the body of this post to speed up load time. They are all weighty animated gif files.
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Yankee Pride

This weekend was my bachelor party. We hit up the Yankees/Devil Rays game, which the Bombers won. There are SO MANY Yankees fans who just root for the Yankees with no backstory. They don’t know the players, they just like the ultra-stylish NY logo. It makes me nuts. They are currently hosting a DL with TONS of their stars. Can most of these fans name more than 3 people on the field right now?

Do they know Andy Phillips? Melky Cabrera? Bubba Crosby? I mean, seriously… Kevin Thompson?!

At least the Yanks won.

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