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I’ve kind of come around on Vista.  Although it was SO VERY painful to set up and get everything installed, that was long ago, most programs are now compatible, and I’ve come to appreciate some of the subtleties of the OS.  While there are some pieces that are just the pinnacle of stupidity (like the file open dialog), most pieces just make XP look so aged and cartoony in comparison.  As a result, I’m on Vista at work until I have 7 in hand.  But this week, I received an error that just makes me laugh.  What’s worse is that this problem can found all over Google, lots of people get it, and no one has a definitive fix.  I rarely use this meme, but this is an OS #FAIL.


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Vista: To Get or Not To Get

Thom posted a series of articles on OSNews about Windows Vista, first 10 Reasons Not to Get Vista, then a rebuttal on his own blog, then another and another and another. Seriously. But none mentions the main reason I don’t want Vista: because I’m just not interested in supporting Microsoft any longer. More within.
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Reaction to Recent OSNews Pieces

I missed the hoopla over the last week stemming from Thom Holwerda’s piece on OSNews called Has the Desktop Linux Bubble Burst? His follow up piece, entitled On Favouritism, Apologies, and Black Helicopters, which sounds like the personal musings of a short story author, attempted to clarify his points.

I have a lot to say on this, so if you’re interested, read on for the meat.
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Linux Desktop Waning

Eugenia’s blog entry yesterday, which claims that the hype surrounding the Linux desktop is waning is a really interesting read. I have realized that not only is the hype waning, but the interest is condensing into a few main distros, as I once predicted it would, back in 2003. In fact, these were my words: “I expect it to be a Ximian-ized Novell/SUSE distribution, Red Hat, and some sort of Debian offshoot – whether it’s User Linux or not remains to be seen.” Shoot, sub in Ubuntu and you’re pretty much dead on. Maybe that wasn’t such a stretch, but it’s still pretty damned accurate.

Linux as a desktop system is not going to succeed until a major corporate backer makes a serious play at CORPORATE desktops. This is where the success is viable. People will pay a small amount for support and multimedia/codec integration. Xandros is right on track here, I just don’t know if they are too early for their own good. I think, sadly, you’ll need a major player with pre-existing credibility, such as Red Hat. But Novell is capable of this, and I pray they haven’t used up all of their karma chasing NetWare (which was an EXCELLENT system, by the way).

Does Linux really matter as a desktop anyway? I mean, if Linux existed simply to prompt the creation of OpenSolaris, isn’t that a good enough contribution to humanity? If we’re all running some sort of Nexenta-ish system in two years, has it all been for naught?

The relevance of Linux has already been proven. Interest is a luxury we’d all love, but it’s not a requirement for the betterment of computing. That part is already locked up.

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I have used SSL on several servers before, but last week I installed a certificate authority on a Windows 2000 box and generated a self-signed cert for a website we’re working on. Today, I tried to generate a cert for our new email server and found that the damned thing will NOT work. It simply won’t load in IE at all, and Mozilla gives me a -8101 error, which is completely flippin’ useless, since I can’t find any info on how to remedy this.

I suspect it’s because the browser doesn’t “trust” the signing authority, but I couldn’t, in the 30 minutes I played with it, find a workaround. I opened up HTTP again, and may have to resort to a true authority like Thawte for this, but I’d really like to solve the problem.

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Why I Am a Dork, Part II

Couldn’t, for the life of me, get to sleep last night. I tossed and turned in my fresh sunburn for an hour or so and finally gave in. Hobbling over to my computer, I found a web page on maximizing Mandrake, which I’m running on my desktop, so I set about glancing over it. One of the pages was a tutorial on configuring a phpnuke site, which seemed like a plausible idea now that I can run Apache, so I started with step one.

I was pleased to see that I could use urpmi to get most of the goods – I got the web server, db server, and PHP running via urpmi. I think it’s very cool that Mandrake has tweaked Apache to include something called Mandrake Advanced Extranet Server, which can be downloaded for free and run on most Unixes.

After I painfully submitted to the fact that I coulddn’t get php pages to parse under Apache 2, I finally went back to good ol fauthful Apache 1.3.27. My nuke site is golden – so nice. But so much more of a pain in the arse than Flip. I decided I should also install slash and scoop just so I know what the hell I’m talking about.

In the meantime, it’s only encouraging me with Flip. Customing these bloated bastards is truly a pain, and you need to generate new images or use the themes that exist. Good stuff, but Flip is my baby.

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