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LOST Recap

I was mixed after the LOST finale.  Then I saw the Flashforward finale.  Flashforward is a show that did a *lot* of things wrong, but with only two weeks notice they would be canceled, they rearranged a few scenes, solved the largest mystery, and gave us an interesting, hopeful, cliffhanger-y ending.   Yes, they ignored or let die the majority of the ancillary mysteries, but overall, it was great, given the circumstances.  Lost, on the other hand, was a joke.

The gave us a “resolution” to the characters ignoring the fact that they sucked us in with the Island.  Dharma.  Jacob.  The hatch.  Hanso.  The DeGroots. The intertwining lives.  The numbers.  Hurley at the institution with Libby.  Walt being special.  The Egyptian stuff.  The statue. The constant.  The pregnancy thing. The others.  The purge.  The pylons.  The “files” on the castaways.

And they f*$%ed us.  They broke our contract – we watched and pieced it together, they were supposed to reveal what happened. And they didn’t. They didn’t just leave one or two things up to us, they just flat out abandoned the mysteries altogether. I’d say more, but I can’t do it better than Eugenia already did.  I urge you to read this piece on why LOST worked, and this piece on why Lost sucked first. Ultimately, for me, Lost was the best ride ever that had no real payoff.

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Some Thoughts on LOST

Is it possible that Widmore is the developer of a large scale weapon (the black smoke) and that Benjamin Linus is not the enemy we all have envisioned, but rather, a wary do-gooder hippie type afraid that Widmore will destroy the island in the process? Could Ben be protecting the island? Is it possible that his secrecy is because he knows that anyone, anywhere, under any circumstance, could be a Widmore spy?

If Ben knew and understood the evil of Widmore, he might not trust ANY of the Losties. In fact, if this were the case, imagine the big reveal when we find out that one of our own is, and always has been, a Widmore spy! What if it were revealed that Bernard or Juliet or Sawyer was undercover the whole time? Better yet – Sun’s father has worked with Widmore, Jin works for him… could Jin be the one?

Ben seems to have some evil ways, but if he knew that someone intended to purge the island to resume development of the greatest weapon the world has ever known, he might be suspicious of everyone – even in his own camp before the crash of 815.

Here are some random mysteries that need further explanation: the 4 toed statue, Richard Alpert not aging, the Hostiles pre-Dharma, “The List,” Jacob, Walt, the Dharma project and all of its research, The Black Rock and why Widmore wanted it, who Alvar Hanso is, who Tovard Hanso is, who Magnus Hanso is, their connection to the island, how Lenny (the guy who shared the numbers with Hurley) got off the island how Libby factored into everyone’s life, why Kate says Aaron is her son, and about 200 others.

We’ve got a long way to go, but slowly, things are beginning to unravel.

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