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SSL, VMWare, and Credit Cards, Oh my!

Last night, I renewed our SSL cert using Thawte services. I had purchased certs in the past from RapidSSL, which was very easy to use, but Thawte was a pain in the butt. It’s really time to redesign our website at Massey, and we just hired a group to work on it. Hopefully soon, they will have a nice, fixed width, modern looking page for us.

I installed VMWare Server on a friend’s server, and let me tell you, it’s been updated since our GSX release. It works mostly the same way, but I need to play with it. It knows several new oSes, such as RHEL4, which is what I’m planning on installing. The reason is because I completed an online credit card charging application for work. It’s pretty slick – it uses some AJAX to look up the account number and prefill the fields, including previous credit card transactions to pre-fill the cc and expiration date, and then charges online via PayFlow Pro. It’s ugly, but useful.

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I’m running around a lot lately. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with JP and enjoying that. I’m rewriting OSNews this weekend, and work is crazy between My Massey, the Citrix mess, and the new software program we’re piloting. Due to data corruption, this post has been truncated

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Finally Got a Piece of the Pie

So, I finally got a job here, which is a relief, since my cash stash is running strangely low. How I managed to spend 3500 bucks since I got here is beyond me, but I pulled it off. F’ing car payment, bills, insurance, etc. Anyway, I’m pretty psyched to be the new “systems manager” for Massey Services, a pest prevention/lawn care company in Maitland. I start Tuesday. More on that as it develops. That’s about all.

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