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Introducing the firsttube.com Link Blog

Last night I added a new section to firsttube.com: the firsttube.com link blog. It is exactly what it sounds like: it’s just a long list of cool links. Since I come across so many links that I really would like to bookmark somewhere somehow, I decided to just have a long list of interesting links on my site. So check out firsttube.com/links – I hope to keep it very updated.

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Virtual Mr. T

Spend 5 minutes fooling around with the virtual Mr. T. It’s well worth it.

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Iacocca: Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Lee Iacocca has said everything I think about America and our leaders better than I could say it myself.

If you get a chance, this is really worth 5 minutes of your time: Iacocca: Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

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Links 12/11/2006

Here’s a long overdue lists of tasty links for you:

33 things you never knew had a name
Seriously, this really weird – but common – stuff.

Make Ginger Ale
I’m going to do this.

What happens if you drink a Coke right now
Makes you think twice about that Ginger Ale.

Walking Table
This is the kind of ingenuity I like to see. Too bad the table itself it fugly.

Man trapped 4 days behind a wall of his own feces
Holy hell do I wish this were a joke.

Girl, 13, charged as sex offender *and victim*
Does this world make ANY sense at all?

Kids divide by zero
This is interesting, if you’re a math dork.

Family Guy: Osama’s message
Seriously, I laught for two minutes straight watching this.

Family Guy: Brian’s Novel
A classic.

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Video Vault Nov 24, 2006

A little humor for your Thanksgiving weekend. I found this clip… uh…. somewhere. I’m not even sure where. But it lead to watching these three clips, which had me laughing out loud. These are fantastci. I don’t know if it makes me a bad person to laugh so much at other people’s embrassment/pain/discomfort, but wow is it entertaining. All links are via YouTube.

Annoying Devil 1

Annoying Devil 2

Annoying Devil 3

One more for the day: We all know this is fake. We all acknowledge that ghost videos like this are the product of a young filmmaker’s imagination. But… this one is actually kind of freaky. Seriously.

Ghost causes car accident
via Google Video

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File Under “Misc”

Quote Abuse
Man, this is “funny.” via Flickr.

Yikes. This is where we’re gotten as a society. Rosie O’Donnell, who I didn’t mind that much until today, has declared Kelly Ripa – who was, I thought – a friend of the gay community, a “homophobe” because she told Clay Aiken, when he put his hand over her mouth on the air to shut her up and she said “That’s a no-no. I don’t know where that hand has been.” Okay, run-on sentence aside, this is cuh-razy. So, remember kids, if you’re a professional interviewer and you’re interviewing someone live on TV and some lame ass guest host slaps his stupid dirty hand on your piehole, embarassing you and touching your face in one dirty concoction, if you make a seemingly innocuous, possibly but not definitely snarky comment, you’re a gay-hater.

Rosie O’Donnell is a very outspoken voice for the gay community. To accuse someone of bigotry who (a) has no history of it, and (b) makes a VERY cloudily interpreted comment, and (c) is making this comment to someone WHO ISN’T EVEN GAY (admittedly, at least… and I’d add YET to that), she ought to be ashamed of herself. Rosie really ought to apologize.

By the way, ho-ly crap. Pictures of animals … in the womb.
I mean… seriously… check out the picture of the elephant. If this isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is.

Price is Right close finish
Nuff said.

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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Video Vault (11/07/2006)

Hey’s gay… er, blind
How you confuse these terms is beyond me. Someone, I’m sure, had some ‘splainin to do when the red light went off. And I’m betting a pissed off mountain climber, who may or may not be blind and/or gay was waiting for it. Via Google Video.

Proof that there is a God. The funny thing is, every single species of monkey and ape eat bananas the other way. It appears we eat them “upside down,” despite “God’s pull-tab.” Via Google Video.

Black Macbook
The first and only “I’m a Mac” spoofs that was actually funny. Via YouTube.

Faith Hill is a Sore Loser
This has got to be a joke. Look closely, it’s quick. Vai break.com

This is actually called “The Man With Exploding Arms.” That alone is scary, but when you see his freakish arms, you’ll probably have to choke back your own vomit.

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Links 11/06/2006

Outrun the Roadblock
via break.com – cars trying to outrun European retracting roadblocks

Baby laughs his ass off
via YouTube – if you don’t laugh, you don’t have a heart

Drive through oil change gone wrong
via break.com – hilarity ensues when people don’t pay attention to simple tasks

Wallpaper site
Best wallpaper site EVER. Seriously.

Good stuff. Demo all sorts of fonts.

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What Is Your Blog Worth?

Unfortunately, my blog is currently worth a measly five hundred sixty-something dollars. OSNews, on the other hand, is apparently worth over $800,000 as of right now. Gnomefiles is worth 98 grand. Slashdot is over 11 million bucks, digg 19.1 million. YouTube is only worth 246 million, but MySpace is worth 1.5 billion – with a “b.”

Take these with a grain of salt – I wouldn’t sell my website for 560 dollars; obviously, YouTube was purchased for over 1.5 billion; and I would be very surprised if anyone would actually offer 800,000 dollars for OSNews.

You can check the value of your blog too.

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

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