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I can’t remember life before Gmail, but I’m reasonably sure it sucked.

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From Bloglines to Google, and Back

I ditched Bloglines the other day for Google Reader. I’m not a huge fan of Bloglines’ new beta interface, most because I find it clunkier than the current interface. Sure, the current one feels a little dated, but it works. Plus, the iPhone interface is nice.

Google has a lot going for it. For one, it seems everyone who uses it raves about it. Also, the iPhone interface is integrated with all the other Google services I use, Picasa Web, Gmail, etc.

This all came about because I wanted to use a desktop RSS reader at home and sync it with my web interface for work and iPhone, but that doesn’t exist unless I use Newsgator. Bloglines and Google both appear to have a sync API, but neither Vienna nor NetNewsWire (nor any other client I could find) actually syncs back to them.

But it appears Vienna is working on one for Google’s reader, and with the Bloglines beta looming, it seemed like a good enough time to make the jump. So I did.

Google’s Reader is awfully attractive, but it’s really keyboard driven. Not only that, but there’s no way to have it mark all items as read as you click a feed. You must begin the tedious task of scrolling through every single item, or hitting “j”, “j”, “j”. And YouTube embeds don’t go away – at least in Opera 9.22 – they just wait at the top of the reading pane, obstructing text, until I click a new feed.

Did I mention that Google Reader is slow slow slow? I can click a link and watch it “Loading…” for several seconds. Opera is a second class citizen in Google-land, which is why all new Gmail features don’t work (v2, label colors, AIM) and Picasa support is flaky, but I think Reader fits in that boat too. It’s painful.

So, after 4 full days, I bailed. I’m back to Bloglines classic. I’d love to tweak the stylesheet a little, but it works and it’s so much faster. I’m pretty pleased with Bloglines, especially now that I’ve had a chance to experience something else.

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Gee, Thanks Google!

Google resolved their storage blunders recently and, in an unannounced act of reconciliation, I assume, extended my paid storage upgrade for a few extra weeks. But imagine my surprise when I got this email today:


At first glance, you might think to yourself – that’s nice of Google, warning you that they are about to charge your card, a service which they do automatically to prevent you from having to take any action or lose your data. Except if you see this:


Apparently, they want me to pay $25 for 6GB of space, but everyone else gets the same thing for $20? My reward for being an early Google adopter is that I get to pay a steeper fee?

Is Google the next “Boston Market,” expanding too fast to keep quality at the same level? Lately, it seems like Google’s apps are quirkier, their service flakier, and their support non-existent. Is it a mistake to continue to entrust all of our data to Google?

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Gmail Video and Thoughts on Gmail

Google just released their Gmail compilation video to YouTube, and… well… it’s cool! It really is. Not only because the video is fun, not only because it’s refreshing to see a company that looks like it might be fun and not just a bunch of hair old white men who are only concerned with the bottom line, but also because it fascinates me. It fascinates me that a product can inspire such loyalty that makes its users so fiercely dedicated to it.

I am blindly loyal to Mac OS X and Gmail. The both of them are huge inspirations to me; they make me productive, I enjoy using them, they work with me and for me rather than as an abrasive but necessary intermediary (like Citrix) or flat out against me (Microsoft Word!) Gmail is so great and so empowering that random people are willing to take time to make ads for it.

I wish I could be that happy with, partnered with, and loyal to all vendors I patronize. Now, that’s delivering a product.

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New Gmail Feature: Open in Google Docs!

Today, when I logged into Gmail, I found a surprise – Gmail now lets me open some office documents directly in Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Here is the screenshot:

New Gmail Feature

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Nothing Says "I Love You" Like an Ass in the Box

I can’t wait to buy an Ass in the Box for someone. What a novel idea. You get a gift in the mail, you open it, and it’s a giant ass. Lovely.

This article from CRACKED magazine had me laughing this morning. I really enjoy the new site. It’s – how you say? Ah, yes… – funny.

I registered for Netvibes today, and I must say, it’s what Google Personalized ought to be. It’s heavily AJAX and drag-n-drop based, and there are no page reloads when you switch tabs. It’s fast and simple, but not as simple and pretty as Google. C’mon Google, you’ve got a ways to go with Writely, Spreadsheets, Google Personalized, and Picasaweb. Don’t disappoint us, we’re counting on your to get these puppies as spit-shined as Gmail.

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gmail, phones, and moe., and blogging

1. gmail is incredible. since my firsttube.com account gets nothing but Russian spam now, I’ve directed it to my gmail account instead of my main account. I love the label system and the threaded conversations.

2. I’m so over my cell phone saga with AT&T TDMA, AT&T GSM, and Nextel. I’ve got the i830 which is cool but a ripoff, and f it, I’m keeping the son of a bitch. Plus, Nextel works, even in Deltona.

3. moe. was a good time. It was a money show, and I met this chick H, who was a blast, and we’re going to hang out sometime. I’m psyched, because she was actually a lot of fun. More on that, I hope.

4. Blogging is tough. You have to actually have something to say, and I’m pretty proud to say I don’t. I code a bunch of shit, but rarely have astute observations.

I coded this whole moderation thing, and then never actually used it for anything. After all, nobody really wants to test it, I think. I just had a good time doing it. moderate() will be in Flip 4, and that will be that.

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