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iPipes on the iPhone

iPipes on the iPhone

Long before the SDK, long before jailbreaking your phone became a one click process, backwhen a jailbreak was a 45 step, multi-hour committment, there were “web apps,”  iPipes has been my favorite “web app” for the iPhone since then.   There are many apps out there, but – put simply – web apps just don’t compare to native speed, especially on a 1st gen iPhone’s EDGE connection.   iPipes, like the other software made by “themacbox,” is top notch, works very well, and is still a challenge long after games like Dominos and Rock, Paper, Scissors have lost their mojo. 

iPipes is based on a very simple concept: given a time limit, contruct as long a pipe as possible using the given pieces to contain a crawling green “snake.”It’s easy to string together the first dozen or two pipes, but eventually you may find yourself backed into a corner or wrapped around with no way out.  Passing several levels is easy and you will likely do so in the first try.  But stringing together 100 pipes is a challenge, even on the early levels.    

Although I’ve never really spent too much time obsessing over high scores  (I usually get somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-85 per level), I once got 99 and then the counter stopped counting, the green stopped crawling, and it just… stopped. So I sat down determined to finally break 100 and see if the game would crash again.  It didn’t.  I got a 107 — which could probably be easily beaten by someone with more than 6 minutes to spare — but is still my high score.   If you have an iPhone, I encourage you to check out iPipes – it’s free and available online.

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Dope Wars for the iPhone

I love my jailbroken iPhone, and I am always looking for a new “game of the week.” I’ve been through several, at first, it was LightsOff, but that ends at 225 levels or so. Then it was Five Dice. Then 4 Balls, Domino, and finally PuzzleManiak. I was so happy recently when someone decided to port Dope Wars to the iPhone in the form of “iDope.”

iDope iDope currently has a lot of bugs. Mainly, your jacket storage is irrelevant, you can actually store unlimited items, you just can’t buy unlimited items unless you hit “buy all.” You can’t store money in a bank. It never ends until you die. You are mugged or fight the cops maybe 80% of the time you travel. But most importantly, this:

Notice my dollars? That’s right, I have $2,147,483,647. Two billion, one hundred forty seven million, four hundred eighty three thousand, six hundred forty seven dollars. Recognize that number? If you read my blog regularly, you might. After all, it’s the upper limit of signed integers. The game is officially boring – no matter what I do, I’m always capped at that number, I can never get more money. I wonder if the iPhone can support BIGINT.

Anyway, I really hope to see iDope get some love and attention, because Dope Wars is a fabulous and addictive game, but as is, I eventually get to the upper limit and have to start over… and over… and over.

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Virtual Mr. T

Spend 5 minutes fooling around with the virtual Mr. T. It’s well worth it.

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Links 10-01-2006

Squares 2
This is an awesome game. I really am enjoying this game. And since it’s random, it’s even better than Escapa!, which is also a great game. Trust me, you will love this.

Elevator Floor Illusion
Haha. Funny.

Central Florida Doodles
Florida’s Sweetest Labradoodles” This is where we got Duke.

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Pac-Xon is totally addicting.

I love this game: PacXon.

Try it. You’ll love it.

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Link Soup, Part Whatever.

I’ve been meaning to post a bunch of great links for awhile, so I have several saved up.

Coolest Monk Ever
This dude can balance himself on ONE FINGER. This is incredible.

Leia’s Metal Bikini
Leia’s Jedi-era metal bikini as worn by fans. Yummy!

A note on OS X’s kernel_task
This one is a little nerdy, but it’s an excellent article on WTF kernel_task is and why it’s always present

Bullet Bill
Play Super Mario Brothers as…. the bullet?!

Girl caught stripping by mom
A girl with a webcam and a boyfriend gets caught by her mom. Hilarious!

CRAZY Russian Experiments
This video, thus far thought to be real, is from a 1940’s Soviet lab. Amongst the things on the film: keeping a dog’s HEAD alive without the body (about 5:32 in) and killing a dog and bringing it back to life. Yes. Seriously.

Family Guy Behind the Scenes
Did you know that Cleveland is a skinny white guy? Watch the cast recording some lines.

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Link foo

I have decided that rather than bookmarking cool sites that I really want to revisit but never do, which is a regular habit of mine, I’ll post them here where I can find them (under the “Links” tag!) and share them with everyone. So, without further adue, here are today’s links.

Escapa!: A fantastic javascript game

Some nice GIMP tutorials

How meditation works

Wikipedia’s List of words of Yiddish Origin
I knew WAY too many of these words.

What a great idea. Seriously.

Bob Cesca’s Piece of Bigotry in the name of Christ
A little controversy to stir up your day. LOVE this piece.

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1,000 Blank White Cards!

I really want to play this game called “1,000 Blank White Cards”. The the premise is basically you either get points, lose points, or invent points. It’s neat.

Anyone want to play?

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Pitfall Harry, how I missed thee

Remember Atari and that awesome game Pitfall? Well, I discovered the coolest thing the other day – check it out for yourself.

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