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Harry Potter Spoiler

The plot of every Harry Potter book written

The plot of every Harry Potter book written

I don’t know the source of this image. If anyone does, please let me know and I’ll link back to the author’s homepage.

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Even Facebook Makes Mistakes

HTML shows as entities... whoops!

HTML shows as entities... whoops!

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Kevin McAllister is Legend

I come across really funny internet videos often, but this one is really too perfect.

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Google Slips on SLL Renewal

It happens to us all. We network folks admins have a lot of responsibility put on us that no one else understands.

Google is sometimes seen as the company who can do no wrong. Well, they’re human, and it’s time to hire someone to do your administrative work, boys.

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Funny: Flickr Parse Error

Everyone makes mistakes, even the good people at Yahoo!/Flickr. I’ve done this on OSNews – it’s broken for 20 seconds, but you still get emails and IMs from users. Many PHP functions take two arguments — a string an an array — and it’s tough to remember which comes first, because sometimes it’s the array, and sometimes it’s the string. So functions like array_keys() can be tricky without using php.net.

Flickr parse error
click image for full picture

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Video Vault June 15, 2007

I’ve been watching this show “America’s Got Talent, which is the stateside version of “Britain’s Got Talent,” which spawned this cute little entertainer, Connie, who sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow and this guy, who sings opera.

“Cocky” seems to be the prevailing “cool” attitude these days, but while most find it a merely a turn-off, some will regret their cockiness forever, like this idiot bicyclist.

Every heard of this band “The Wrong Trousers?” Here’s their gem cover of Video Killed the Radio Star and a short concert that includes a great Flaming Lips cover.

Two dudes play the theme to Beverly Hills 90210 on the same guitar, which is kinda cool.

And lastly, the vanishing doorway, which is a fantastic prank.

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Much like the internet phenomenon “LOLcats,” comes today’s Fark featurette, “LOLPresidents.” Check them out:

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My favorite LOLcats

LOLCats are, according to Wikipedia, “a photo of a cat with a caption characteristically formatted in a sans serif font […] The caption is intentionally written with deviations from standard English spelling and syntax featuring “strangely-conjugated verbs, but tend to converge to a new set of rules in spelling and grammar.”

So, without further adue, my favorite LOLcats, courtsey of icanhascheezburger.com.

LOL Cats!

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