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Some Flickr Favorites

From time to time, I find some great photos on Flickr, and I mark them as “favorites.” But for whom? Well, I’m going to post a few of my favorite favorites. I hope you enjoy them too.

The Pink Slips, originally uploaded by roccokasby.

Crates, originally uploaded by cw3283.

Dinner, originally uploaded by verymiao.

soccer field, originally uploaded by Avi_Abrams.

Plums, originally uploaded by Loua.

So… WTF are you?, originally uploaded by eric.genn.

Muuuuuuuuca, originally uploaded by ewanr.
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Oh Yeah!

oh yeah, originally uploaded by speedyjvw.

That Kool-Aid guy, who does he think he is? Just smashing through walls with no afterthought? Does he realize the mess that will need to be cleaned after his fat ass leaves?

I’ve had Kool-Aid, and while it’s generally pretty tasty – especially the purple – I’m not sure it’s worth smashing through the family room wall.

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Halfway Homemade Chicken Soup & Grilled Cheese

“Halfway Homemade chicken soup” starts with a mirepois. Then you add pre-made chicken broth and two leg quarters of a chicken and egg noodles. The grilled cheese is hand wrapped fresh mozzarella and peasant bread lightly brushed with grapeseed oil griddled until golden brown. A perfect rainy evening combo.

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I consider myself a bit of an amateur chef, as some of you know, and although it’s really just a hobby, a year or so ago I started taking pictures of some of my favorite dishes. I have a few things I still need to capture, but many I’ve preserved for posterity. Either way, I have decided to move all my “food” pictures from Picasa over to Flickr. First off, there’s a Slashfood group there, to which I plan to contribute, and secondly, I grow increasingly tired of Picasa Web’s ridiculously non-scalable interface. Also, it’s a little weird to have so many food pictures intermingled with pictures of my family. So… yeah.

If you’re interested, check out my food pics here.

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A Review of Online Photo Services

Some time ago, I switched to Google’s Picasa Web Albums online photo management software. Although it’s simple to use, Picasa Web has been missing too many features for too long, and after Google locked me out of their software for a few days due to a bug of some sort, and their iPhoto plug-in stopped working, I decided it was time to start checking out the alternatives. I have played with a few services, and judged them based on a number of criteria, including these 15 questions:

1. How easy is it to do batch uploads?
2. Are there decent Mac and Windows upload tools?
3. Does it work in all major browsers (Opera and Safari are both important)
4. Will the default display scale to upwards of 2500 photos?
5. How fast does each page load?
6. Is the image scaled down? If so, is the original available?
7. Is it a fly-by-night startup that I can count on to be around?
8. How much does it cost for a pro membership, if anything? What are the benefits?
9. What are my storage requirements?
10. What is my traffic/bandwidth limit, if any?
11. Are there integrated ads?
12. How easy is it for others to access my photos?
13. Is there any sort of privacy?
14. What type of tools exist for me to manage my photos once they are online?
15. Is there some sort of embed/slideshow for my webpages?

I’ve tested the following services: Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Zoto, Zooomr, SmugMug, Photobucket, Facebook, and MySpace. Read on for my initial results.
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Funny: Flickr Parse Error

Everyone makes mistakes, even the good people at Yahoo!/Flickr. I’ve done this on OSNews – it’s broken for 20 seconds, but you still get emails and IMs from users. Many PHP functions take two arguments — a string an an array — and it’s tough to remember which comes first, because sometimes it’s the array, and sometimes it’s the string. So functions like array_keys() can be tricky without using php.net.

Flickr parse error
click image for full picture

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More About Picasa Web Albums

Forgive me if this sounds especially arrogant or offends anyone, but I think I should be asked to join Google as the project lead for Picasa Web Albums, because I am really let down by what exists today and I think that I might be able to write something better myself with a week’s worth of programming and a server running PHP5.

Google has always been a “release now, update frequently later” kind of company, and I respect that. It’s cooler, as a user, to get something today and slowly and unexpectedly watch features trickle in, but Picasa Web Albums is a disaster right now. Read more for the details.
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Flickr Feeds

Who knew that Flickr supported so many types of feeds? RSS, RDF, Atom, SQL, PHP, Serialized PHP, YAML, CSV, JSON, CDF… that’s incredible.

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Review: Picasaweb vs. Flickr

Now that I’ve successfully used most of the features on both flickr.com and Picasaweb, I decided I would write a short review of the two services. The need for online photo storage is certainly a very real one, and different services have different objectives. Here’s a short breakdown.

Read more for the review.
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Picasaweb goes Gold …well, for me at least

I’ve gone ahead and transitioned my photos from flickr to PicasaWeb. Picasaweb is simply so much easier to navigate. Yes, it’s true, there’s no easy way to include a photo in multiple albums. Yes, this is completely anti-tag-based-systems and therefore contrary to everything I preach about Gmail, but the fact is that many people simply don’t “get it” when it comes to Flickr, and I find myself frequently trying to explain to less technological relatives show to use it. I love it, but it’s simply too complex for the Average Joe to follow.

Picasaweb, on the other hand, integrates freely with Picasa and iPhoto, which makes it VERY attractive, it’s cheap ($25 a year for 6GB storage), and it’s drop dead simple. So for now, I’m on Picasaweb.

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