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We are getting ready to go to Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in the next few hours. We’re really psyched to see our families.

When I get back, I’m going to unveil a new mobile interface to firsttube.com built especially for the iPhone based on some work I did for Eugenia for a new project she’s working on. It uses script.aculo.us and Prototype and is ajax based. It’s pretty smooth.

Check ya’ll soon.

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R.I.P. William Dember

I didn’t know William Dember, but apparently, he was my cousin. He was my grandmother’s first cousin – her mother’s brother’s son – which makes him my …uh …cousin. A few times removed, probably.

Anyway, it turns out he was a fairly decorated man in the field of psychology. In truth, I didn’t even know he existed until he died, so it really makes me wonder how much family I have running around out there that I have never even heard of.

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Family Tree

I have been trying to piece together my family tree. I started by just trying to get some of my cousins together. But then it got addicitive. I’ve gone back a few generations now, and it’s getting to be big. I now have about 200 people entered and there’s so much more I need to fill in. It’s odd that just getting to my grandparents’ grandparents is tough – it was a different time.

My grandfather doesn’t know his grandmother’s name in English, only Yiddish. Although we know that the family hails from Russia and Romania (incidentally, all from pre-WWI), we really don’t know where.

I may do some research after the wedding and see how far back I can trace.