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Video Vault Dec 13, 2006

Seinfeld Horror Film
I *love* mash-ups.

Scary Mary
Absolutely genius Mary Poppins redux.

Fart caught on infrared
I had to watch this three times I was laughing so hard.

Kid Tries to Eat 10 Habanero Peppers
Honestly, I would flip out after 1 bite of 1 pepper.

Family Guy live action

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Links 12/11/2006

Here’s a long overdue lists of tasty links for you:

33 things you never knew had a name
Seriously, this really weird – but common – stuff.

Make Ginger Ale
I’m going to do this.

What happens if you drink a Coke right now
Makes you think twice about that Ginger Ale.

Walking Table
This is the kind of ingenuity I like to see. Too bad the table itself it fugly.

Man trapped 4 days behind a wall of his own feces
Holy hell do I wish this were a joke.

Girl, 13, charged as sex offender *and victim*
Does this world make ANY sense at all?

Kids divide by zero
This is interesting, if you’re a math dork.

Family Guy: Osama’s message
Seriously, I laught for two minutes straight watching this.

Family Guy: Brian’s Novel
A classic.

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Links 09/21/2006

The Maragret Thatcher Illusion
Oooooh! Scary face! But actually, really kinda cool. Interesting how the mind works…. which leads me to…

Mind Performance Hacks
I want this book. Seriously. I want this book to sharpen a mind that I spend the majority of the time dulling.

Crazy urban ninja dude
Because the first minute is totally sweet.

Armless Man Plays The Guitar With His Feet
I would watch this dude, not walk by aimlessly, as most people seem to be doing.

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
No need to say any more.

Girl Archer
This is just too amazing to be real. Some people have amazing toes, like the dude above.

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Link Soup, Part Whatever.

I’ve been meaning to post a bunch of great links for awhile, so I have several saved up.

Coolest Monk Ever
This dude can balance himself on ONE FINGER. This is incredible.

Leia’s Metal Bikini
Leia’s Jedi-era metal bikini as worn by fans. Yummy!

A note on OS X’s kernel_task
This one is a little nerdy, but it’s an excellent article on WTF kernel_task is and why it’s always present

Bullet Bill
Play Super Mario Brothers as…. the bullet?!

Girl caught stripping by mom
A girl with a webcam and a boyfriend gets caught by her mom. Hilarious!

CRAZY Russian Experiments
This video, thus far thought to be real, is from a 1940’s Soviet lab. Amongst the things on the film: keeping a dog’s HEAD alive without the body (about 5:32 in) and killing a dog and bringing it back to life. Yes. Seriously.

Family Guy Behind the Scenes
Did you know that Cleveland is a skinny white guy? Watch the cast recording some lines.

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Words to live by.

I will sit down this afternoon and write more with substance – we were in CT this weekend for Jenn’s wedding shower. But until I have a few minutes, enjoy this public service announcement:

Gary the No Trash Cougar
Like Gary the No-Trash Cougar always says “Give a larbage, throw out your garbage!

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