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Facebook’s New Interface

Facebook loosed their new interface this week.  Thus far, there is nothing “live” about it.  This makes me very sad.

Honestly, if Facebook doesn’t introduce AJAX-y live update goodness to their homepage, I suspect I’ll use Facebook about 11% as much as I used to.

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Facebook for iPhone 2.0

Yesterday, Facebook released Facebook for iPhone 2.0. I have to say, this is one of the best app updates I can ever recall. I’m incredibly impressed.

First of all, it introduced what appears to be a pretty decent speed boost. Interacting with the app is significantly faster for me on both Wifi and 3G.

Facebook for iPhone 2.0

Facebook for iPhone 2.0

Secondly, and more importantly, the app is much more robust and complete. Whereas before, the Facebook experience was very limited, the new app is almost a wholesale replacement while on your iPhone. The old version was so limited that you’d have to go to the browser for most operations such as adding a friend, viewing a photo tag, viewing requests, etc. And going to the browser directed you to m.facebook.com, which meant you had to login and go to the full site – a multi-step process to be sure. Also, the iPhone optimized Facebook site, iphone.facebook.com, was woefully underpowered. Both served as great platforms for basic browsing, but severely handicapped when it came to truly using the site.

So it’s that much more of a welcome treat that the new app is a full on competitor. As Apple continues to let me down, Facebook continues to do right by me.

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Facebook Translations

Did you know that Facebook is offered in both Pirate and l33t sp34k?

Facebook Translations

Facebook Translations

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Has anyone else noticed that Sarah Palin is insane?

I try to keep all of my politics off of Facebook, largely because it doesn’t make you friends, but it often costs you them.  Also, I think that few people joined to be baraged by your political opinions, but rather, because they like you.  So I try to keep it fun and apolitical.  But I so want to join the group called “Excuse me, but has anyone else noticed that Sarah Palin is insane?”  From the description:

This group is for anyone who wonders how in the hell the erstwhile governor of Alaska can simultaneously be:

A woman and anti-choice

A mother and pro-war

Anti-corruption and currently under investigation for abuse of power

A governor for 20 months and more experienced than Barack Obama

A foreign policy expert and a woman who only got her passport in July ‘07

A woman who is a “leader in climate change” and a woman who believes humans do not contribute to global warming, also a woman who shoots moose for fun and supports oil drilling in her state’s wildlife preserves.

From a family of educators and pro-creationism-in-the-classroom

The GOP’s responses to all of this?

“You get more experience to be president in a month of being governor that you do in several years of being a senator…Sarah Palin had more executive experience as the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, than Barack Obama has had in his entire life.” – Mike Huckabee

“Palin knows about foreign policy because Russia is right next door to Alaska.” – Steve Doocy

“Now, this establishes Undeniable Truth of Life Number 24, which says, ‘Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.’ I guarantee you these messages Dawn is getting are probably pretty typical of liberal women across the country, and what it boils down to — you know it and I know it –is jealousy. They’re just jealous of her, Dawn. That’s it, pure and simple.” – Rush Limbaugh

OK. To sum up:

Being a senator doesn’t count, proximity to foreign countries constitutes foreign policy experience, and if you don’t like Sarah Palin you’re probably a whiny ugly shrew. Vote McCain-Palin! 

All of this ignores the craziness of her church.  The one that prides itself on “converting” gays and has been video taped with congregants writhing on the ground and speaking in tongues.  Is this truly someone we want shaping the world’s view of America?

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Even Facebook Makes Mistakes

HTML shows as entities... whoops!

HTML shows as entities... whoops!

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Facebook Blows My Mind

Everyday, I’m a little more amazed and impressed by Facebook. The way it works, the way information is connected is just so useful and really smart.

First of all, I am simply blown away at the “friend suggestions” that Facebook offers me. I am constantly seeing people I really do know or names I recognize. I understand it’s probably not a very complex algorithm – see who my friends have recently friended who is not on my friend list and present them to me – but you know what? – it works. And that other site is miles behind, tech-wise.

I’ve also noticed that the number of people in my age group on Facebook is seemingly tripling every day.  I can’t believe the people I’m coming across these days – people I haven’t even thought of in over a decade are cropping up regularly.  And the fact that the “mini-feed” is keeping me informed of what they do via pictures and blurbs is just genius.

There are plenty of concerns about Facebook, from their Beacon debacle to the privacy issues to the data mining they are presumably doing, but the truth is that they are providing an amazing service in the meantime.

In the past few days, I’ve had some really interesting conversations pop up on some photos I posted.  The interesting part is that these are people, in some cases, I haven’t spoken to in years, and others I still talk to, but in all cases, it feels like a mini reunion.  I get to keep up with my friends easily.  I’ve not experienced another social network that has delivered like this, for me.

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Facebook Redesign Launched

Facebook today launched their long in-the-works redesign. I’ve been following it for at least 4 months or so, and today it appeared live. After many iterations, this may actually be the one I like best.

But alas, I use Opera, and strangely, this version doesn’t play well. Many links flat out don’t work, there’s weird Flash that Flashblock blocks with every page load, and worst yet, the thing is actually parsing A LOT incorrectly. Check out the below screenshot, and be sure to click on it for the full size version.

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The Facebook Logo Has Gone Into Hiding

It was reported by several sources this week that after an embarassing affair with a prostitute, the Facebook logo has gone into hiding. Actually, what has been happening for me is that the Facebook logo has been randomly disappearing for me in my browser. In fact, most days, lately, in Opera 9.26, this is what I see:


When I dug around, I found the Facebook logo actually has the “on” and “off” image in one file and uses a CSS and “hover” trick to create the little home icon next to the logo. Neat.

Has anyone else experienced the mystery of the disappearing Facebook logo? Other Opera users maybe?

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Facebook and the Beacon Fiasco

It’s time for Facebook to suck it up and admit they screwed up with this “beacon” system. People everywhere are complaining that Facebook is not respecting their privacy. In at least one case, Facebook ruined Christmas. But more importantly, users – a fickle crowd, indeed – are more concerned about privacy than many people think.

Perhaps only because I’ve yet to get abused by it have I not acted on my urge to close my account, but I am pissed nonetheless than a company like Facebook – which, until the last few weeks – was the “hot, young” company in Silicon Valley, but has recently crashed and burned in many people’s minds, would do something like this. The beacon system is 100% designed for advertisers and Faecbook itself, not for users. And when you sell out your users, well, you sign your own death certificate. I could not agree any more with Scoble, who says Mark Zuckerburg ought to get his ass out there and apologize. Remember, Mark, Facebook is only worth 1 billion dollars on paper. Once your userbase distrusts you, you’re done.

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A Review of Online Photo Services

Some time ago, I switched to Google’s Picasa Web Albums online photo management software. Although it’s simple to use, Picasa Web has been missing too many features for too long, and after Google locked me out of their software for a few days due to a bug of some sort, and their iPhoto plug-in stopped working, I decided it was time to start checking out the alternatives. I have played with a few services, and judged them based on a number of criteria, including these 15 questions:

1. How easy is it to do batch uploads?
2. Are there decent Mac and Windows upload tools?
3. Does it work in all major browsers (Opera and Safari are both important)
4. Will the default display scale to upwards of 2500 photos?
5. How fast does each page load?
6. Is the image scaled down? If so, is the original available?
7. Is it a fly-by-night startup that I can count on to be around?
8. How much does it cost for a pro membership, if anything? What are the benefits?
9. What are my storage requirements?
10. What is my traffic/bandwidth limit, if any?
11. Are there integrated ads?
12. How easy is it for others to access my photos?
13. Is there any sort of privacy?
14. What type of tools exist for me to manage my photos once they are online?
15. Is there some sort of embed/slideshow for my webpages?

I’ve tested the following services: Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Zoto, Zooomr, SmugMug, Photobucket, Facebook, and MySpace. Read on for my initial results.
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