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Misc Mike Gravel Bits

Here are some bits on Mike Gravel:

“The only thing worse than one soldier dying in vain is more soldiers dying in vain.”

(On same-sex marriage:) “This country – and this world – needs more love. Love trumps morality, morality trumps politics.”

“Our country needs renewal — not just of particular policies or of people, but of democracy itself.”

he War in Iraq: Immediate and orderly withdrawal of troops followed by aggressive diplomacy

Iran: I firmly oppose a military confrontation with Iran and advocate a diplomatic solution to the current situation.

National Initiative for Democracy: Empower Americans and turn every citizen into a lawmaker by enacting a national initiative.

A Fair Tax: Eliminate the income tax and replace it with a progressive national sales tax.

Global Warming / Climate Change: We must reduce America’s carbon footprint in the world by passing legislation that caps emissions and improve energy efficiency while generating more energy from low-carbon sources.

Universal Healthcare Vouchers: A National Health Care Voucher plan will provide health care for all Americans.

LGBT Rights: I support same-sex marriage and oppose both the Defense of Marriage Act and the military’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ legislation.

Prison/Drug Reform: We must de-criminalize minor drug offenses, eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing laws, and increase the use of alternative penalties for nonviolent drug offenders.

Net Neutrality: I support a free and open Internet with no restricted access to any site, for any reason.

My new favorite candidate! Of course, I don’t believe he has a chance in hell of winning, but I will support him as long as he is a candidate. I don’t honestly see a way you can be truly American and support exclusionist politics. Status quo has got to go.

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