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Dumbest Ebay Auction Ever?

This may well be the dumbest eBay auction ever (link available… while it lasts). I mean, who hasn’t wanted to own a strawberry shaped like the United States… well… kinda… if you squint your eyes and just imagine it a little bit, you can almost sorta see it… a little.

Click the image for a full size version

Here is the text of the auction:


This delicious and amazing strawberry is shaped like the USA! How totally cool is that? Show your love for our country and bid on this one of a kind berry! A must for any serious collector of fruits and veggies in a unique shape. A perfect gift for that special someone who has everything already!

I pledge to donate 25% of the proceeds of this sale to chairity (sic) – most likely I will donate to the one laptop per child foundation. even if you dont bid, google this charity and help them out… pretty cool idea for a charity. (I am not affiliated with them at all)

This is the most amazing strawberry ever to be found.

The strawberry has been immediately wrapped up and frozen in a freezer inside a deep freeze bowl at an undisclosed location.

I will ship this to the buyer in dry ice to ensure quality.

it is red & white and has a tiny green leaf

no returns … all sales final

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weekend adventures

interesting weekend.

Yesterday, JF came to town with his band, Killswitch Engage. I swung on down to HOB around 6:30 and we got some dinner. The nwe went back and hung out on the bus and around the backstage area until the show. I met James Murphy of Death/Obituary/Disencarnate fame, which was pretty crazy, and then watched the show from the stage! The whole thing was pretty amazing, to see that F’s pursuits are paying off. Holy shit. Pretty crazy.

Then today I listed all my Mom’s old audio book cd’s on ebay, and now I’m scouring the house for more shit to sell. I wouldn’t mind slapping all the crap I don’t want on there, just to get rid of some of it. Not a bad way to unload extra shit and maybe make some cash.

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