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How To REALLY Survive Digg on a Shared Host

After reading a ridiculous post on “surviving the Digg effect on a shared host,” (and then laughing ridiculously at it), I decided to write a real tutorial on real-live ways not only to survive the Digg effect, but also a simple but powerful way to improve your site’s performance. Read more within.

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When Is A Spoiler No Longer a Spoiler?

There is currently a headline on Digg today entitled “LOST’s Producer Breaks “Radio Silence” to Reveal Why Charlie Died and More.” If you read the comment (which on Digg, are all too frequently inane rants rolled with inside jokes), you’l see the poor submitter getting roasted for his title, which includes a “spoiler.” Wikipedia calls a spoiler “A spoiler is a summary or description of a narrative (or part of a narrative) that relates plot elements not revealed early in the narrative itself.

In colloquial use, a spoiler is revealing something either as yet unrevealed or any major plot twist. Today is Saturday and people are complaining that the headline contains a spoiler, that Charlie died. Forget for a moment that anyone who has seen Lost in the last few months knew this moment was coming – my question is, “is this actually a spoiler?”

By strictist definition, Darth Vader being revealed as Luke’s father is a spoiler, despite its presence as a pop culture reference. By loosest definition, spoilers are revealed every day.

First off, the submitter on Digg was quoting an article on E Online, which, for the record, shared the same title. Secondly, well over 1,000 people dugg it up – do they not share any blame. And thirdly, is this even a spoiler? This information was in several online articles the day after the Wednesday finale.

The fact is, nearly every major news outlet “spoiled” American Idol within a day of the finale, but I didn’t hear people complaining about that. And although I’ve heard people say “Digg isn’t just for the US, and other places are broadcast behind you,” ABC does share the full length episodes on their website and… well… this is the INTERNET! It’s the age of instantaneous information.

So what is an acceptable amount of time to wait before something is no longer a spoiler? I believe spoilers are real time only for TV, and pretty close to it for movies. It would’ve been a spoiler on Wednesday day or before, but once the episode airs, it’s no longer a spoiler. And if you don’t want to know, stay off the internet, certainly sites that will features reviews of a show that is very popular.

Movies are close to real time; it’s bad class to give away the twist to a movie, but how long until people generally know the twist? Is “The Sixth Sense” still fooling anyone?

Spoilers are only spoilers until the general public gets access. Then, I’m afraid, it’s every man for himself. You are responsible for navigating yourself away from the data you’re trying to avoid, because the world doesn’t owe it to you to not discuss something popular because you didn’t get a chance to watch it.

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User Generated Content Usually Sucks

This goes to show how worthless digg.com comments can be. Nearly every comment is dugg down. C’mon, are these the kinds of comments that people feel they should take the time to type and submit. Do they think other people will get joy from reading them?

Read this comments on this inane, embarassing mess. Folks, this is proof that user generated content is not necessarily anything more than just volume. So is this, by the way.

Sites like Slashdot and OSNews are mostly valuable because their users contribute so much quality in the comments. Slashdot has been better since I moved my threshold to +3. OSNews is pretty good at 0. But most sites that make it too easy to participate are complete crap.

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Best Digg Comment Ever?

Could this be the best digg.com comment ever?

I think it is. It’s clear, concise, and well worded. It’s not moronic, it doesn’t rely on AOL-speak or l33t. It doesn’t play off the same techie cliches. It’s just good, old fashioned quality content. It makes a point and it makes a point well.

The quality of comments on digg.com are generally low, but every now and again you find a diamond in the rough.

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Suggestions for Improving digg.com

How do you digg? Do you digg up articles that fascinate you? Articles that your friends recommend? Articles you want to check back on later? Do you use it as a social news system, as intended, or as a bookmarking system? The problem, as I see it, is that as cool as digg is, there’s no real guide as to how to use the site. I think it can be fixed with a few minor changes. Read on for more.
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firsttube.com Now Has An API

Well, something I’ve LONG considered implementing is an API for my website. Yes, there’s VERY little to ever use an API for me, however, it’s always been one of those “out there” challenges. It’s always been breaking new ground to parse an XML request and return XML to it. I’ve tried probably 10 times before, and each time I’ve given up. This time, I had to figure it out.

So I slammed the pedal to the metal and did it. I now have a working API. It currently supports only 1 method reliably – blogger2.newPost() – however, I have tested blogger.getRecentPosts and both corresponding methods under the metaWeblog API. That said, I will probably hack something up that explains how to add an API to your homegrown PHP weblog. There are functions out there that do the hardwork, and there are functions I’ve written that do the rest of the work, so you just need to write the correct queries for your database.

Anyway, I can now post from digg.com, which is cool. Ultimately, if we ever support user blogs on OSNews, we’ll roll out an API so people can comment on OSNews and Digg stories via the API. Could be interesting.

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Bye-Bye Slashdot, Hello IG

Today is a fairly big day, well, at least for my internet habits. When I launch a browser and open up my tabs, they look like this:

Gmail|Slashdot|OSNews|My Yahoo!|Work|Bloglines|Digg

I’ve added to the tabs in the last year or two: I added the work tab (email when at home, our helpdesk at work), then added Bloglines when I got into RSS aggreggation. Then Digg is new as of the middle of last year or so.

But I realized recently that I don’t really read Slashdot much anymore. For one, their news is way too slow, especially compared to Digg. The same COULD be said for OSNews, although we’re typically MUCH faster (faster even than Digg can promote to the front page for huge news), we feature many more originals, and the comments are readable, whereas the Slashdot arrogance and the volume of comments has gotten to be too much for me. What has been my #2 tab since about 2002 (I started reading Slashdot sometime in 2000) is now used the least of all. So, with the introduction of tab’s on Google’s customizable homepage, I pimped out my Google and made it tab #2. I’ve got my main tab, my Tech tab, my Sports tab, and my Entertainment tab rockin’. It’s pretty cool. So, from now on, I’ll get my Slashdot fill from google.com/ig.

I wonder if Slashdot is losing people, or if I’m just a single person moving on.

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