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Video Vault Dec 13, 2006

Seinfeld Horror Film
I *love* mash-ups.

Scary Mary
Absolutely genius Mary Poppins redux.

Fart caught on infrared
I had to watch this three times I was laughing so hard.

Kid Tries to Eat 10 Habanero Peppers
Honestly, I would flip out after 1 bite of 1 pepper.

Family Guy live action

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Video Vault (11/07/2006)

Hey’s gay… er, blind
How you confuse these terms is beyond me. Someone, I’m sure, had some ‘splainin to do when the red light went off. And I’m betting a pissed off mountain climber, who may or may not be blind and/or gay was waiting for it. Via Google Video.

Proof that there is a God. The funny thing is, every single species of monkey and ape eat bananas the other way. It appears we eat them “upside down,” despite “God’s pull-tab.” Via Google Video.

Black Macbook
The first and only “I’m a Mac” spoofs that was actually funny. Via YouTube.

Faith Hill is a Sore Loser
This has got to be a joke. Look closely, it’s quick. Vai break.com

This is actually called “The Man With Exploding Arms.” That alone is scary, but when you see his freakish arms, you’ll probably have to choke back your own vomit.

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Links 11/06/2006

Outrun the Roadblock
via break.com – cars trying to outrun European retracting roadblocks

Baby laughs his ass off
via YouTube – if you don’t laugh, you don’t have a heart

Drive through oil change gone wrong
via break.com – hilarity ensues when people don’t pay attention to simple tasks

Wallpaper site
Best wallpaper site EVER. Seriously.

Good stuff. Demo all sorts of fonts.

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