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Airport Extreme is Extremely Extreme

For Christmas, my wife gave me the new Airport Extreme. As a result, as of yesterday, we are now officially 802.11n in our house. Unfortunately, the iPhone degrades it back to 802.11g. However, I must say, the speed before I connected it was immediately noticeably faster. This was not “it feels snappier.” Right away, the effect was staggering. Web pages loaded in a tiny fraction of the time they used to. Made me wonder if there wasn’t something wrong with the old D-Link g router.

Anyway, I highly recommend 802.11n to anyone thinking about taking the plunge. Incredible difference.

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A Cursory Glance at Apple’s New Airport

I was just glancing at Apple’s new 801.11n capable Airport Extreme base station. Having just purchased an Airport Extreme Base Station within the last month, I’m trying very hard to get my MacMall contact to allow me to exchange and upgrade to the new one.

Of course, the big feature is 802.11n capabilities. No Mac has this yet, but recent models, including my 20″ iMac, have capable hardware, so a nice firmware update via Software Update ought to remedy its max speed limitation.

The new base station has something called “Airdisk” built in. Apparently, you can plug in an external hard drive and share it over the network. How cool! This feature is a fantastic killer feature I haven’t seen elsewhere yet.

I am very excited about this. I can’t believe Steve Jobs didn’t mention this AT ALL during Tuesday’s keynote!

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