You Cannot Resist The iPhone

I have so many gripes about my iPhone 3G that I could write a decent sized essay, and yet, it’s still the greatest phone ever invented, and by a very comfortable long shot. Poor Nate and Jensey caught a glimpse of mine yesterday, and suddenly their plan to “get iPhones this Christmas” was rapidly directed to the rubbish bin as Nate informed me about an hour ago that they were headed to the AT&T store. How many people have purchased the iPhone after inspecting mine? Enough that Apple ought to be giving me some kickbacks.

But alas, I kid, because, honestly, the thing sells itself. One glance at the silky smooth native apps, Google Maps,, MobileSafari, multi-touch, the App Store… it’s hard to resist.

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

This device is magical, and once you have one, it’s hard to deny that no phone has ever been as slick, as useful, as integrated, and as beautiful.

I had some issues with battery life with my 3G where it would only last about 8 hours, talk or not, with the 3G enabled. I did a reset and restore on it last week and since then, I’ve had fantastic battery life even with 3G on. And you know what, the 3G is faster than before. I love this thing. I feel so damned connected.