My Must-See TV List

This season, I’ve scaled back my TV watching quite a bit. I’m crazy with TV – I get addicted to shows after about 30 seconds of watching. With that in mind, here are the shows that I am currently watching:

Monday: Prison Break, Heroes, Studio 60
Tuesday: House
Wednesday: Lost, Criminal Minds
Thursday: The Office, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy*
Friday: Las Vegas*
Saturday: SNL
Sunday: Family Guy

* indicates shows that my wife watches and I therefore get sucked into, despite the fact that Grey’s Anatomy is totally unrealistic and Las Vegas is pure pulp trash. That said, I watch them both.

Throughout the week, I DVR lots of other shows for miscellaneous watching: I do one daily King of Queens, because I love the show. I do Pardon the Interuption every weekday, because it’s great in the background while cooking or cleaning. Also, in the bedroom I record Frasier and Mythbusters for watching while dozing off. I don’t watch all of the shows in this paragraph, but I like to have a nice backlog in case I want to just chill for an hour on the weekends or something.

Then of course we have the “sprinkled throughout” shows. These are shows that record whenever they are on – The Sopranos, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

That’s a lot of TV, in retrospect, but dammit, there’s plenty of good stuff on TV!

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