Lost Theory: I See Dead People

This is my first stab at a basic Lost theory.  I’ve had some other ideas before (such as the Jughead bomb being buried beneath the Swan, the code is there to exhaust the radiation, the concrete it insolation), but I think this one, though far-fetched today, has some basic ideas that could explain a lot.  

I think Locke is dead.  He died back in LA, and his body was transported back to the island.  Due to the “unique electromagnetic properties” of the island, his consciousness is able to manifest as “real” on the island, but make no mistake: he’s dead, and can never leave.

So is Christian.  It was fortunate that his body was taken to the island, because there, he has re-manifested.  

So is Juliet.  She can’t leave.  Ben wouldn’t let her leave for years.  She naively believes she’s being held prisoner, but ultimately, she cannot leave the island, because outside of the island, she is dead.  How did she die? I’m not sure, but one possibility is that she was poisoned. She did drink something before the Mittlos Bioscience team – the ‘Others’ – took her to the island.  They explained it made the journey easier, but it certainly didn’t look like they needed it. Perhaps they killed her and then she ‘woke up’ when she was within reach of the island.  

So is Rose.  She had terminal cancer.  But here on the island, she’s just fine.  Leads me to believe that her body has been reanimated.

So is Jin.  He was killed in the freighter explosion.  But when his body washed ashore, he was brought back to life by the island.  

Four Toed Statue…And so is Penny.  Ben killed her before he took the O6 back, as he promised Widmore he would.  How else will Desmond ever be coaxed to return to the island? Why, the promise of resurrecting Penny, of course!  Mrs. Hawking told him the island wasn’t done with him, he was just too short-sighted to see why.

The above does pose a few questions: 

Firstly, who else is dead? Surely, if we can spot some of the dead, other people are also dead.

How is Jacob connected to this? Is Jacob dead? Is Jacob the spirit inhabiting those bodies? Is Jacob merely the first one to die and “come back to life?” 

How come only some people “come back to life?” My first though was that one can only come back if he dies OFF of the island.  But then I considered that Mikhail might also be one of the dead ones, and he died in the sonic fence.  But then he appeared again later, very much alive.  He died on the island.  

Why would the Others have to poison Juliet at all?  Perhaps there’s some benefit to being dead and reanimated on the island? 

A few other dead people have appeared on or around the island: Hurley’s friend Dave, Yemi, Ana Lucia, Libby, Horace, etc – all appeared after their “death.”  Were they actually there in consciousness? Or was that just the the smoke monster playing tricks, as many have theorized?  

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