Javascript Ninja!

Thank you, John Resig. Because of you, I’m learning about Javascript the way Andy Gadiel taught me HTML. In the days before server-side scripting, I learned my first bits of HTML largely by viewing the source of Andy Gadiel’s Phish page (which, for some reason, remains largely unchanged since ~1997).  By reading Gadiel’s HTML, I slowly pieced together my own understanding of HTML.  It was Joe Burns’ fantastic Javascript Goodies that first had me dipping my n00b fingers into client side active scripting.  I picked up CSS all over the web.

Resig’s jQuery is so powerful and so easy that even with basic knowledge of CSS and Javascript, anyone can be a virtual scripting master.  It’s so easy, that I’ve slacked on learning about javascript objects, inheritance, closures, anonymous functions, prototypes, and scores of  other Javascript staples that I should’ve long since mastered.   I just discovered John’s new web app, cleverly titled “Learning Advanced Javascript“, and so far, so good!

I wrote this myself and understand why it works, which is much more than I could say yesterday.

var ninja = {
	walk: function(steps,turn) {
		toDo = 'Walking '+steps+' steps forward, then turning '+turn;
		return this;
	star: function(action,distance) {
		toDo = toDo+' '+action+'ing star '+distance+' feet'; return this;
	then: function() {
		toDo = toDo+', then '; return this;
	doIt: function() {


> Walking 7 steps forward, then turning south, then throwing star 50 feet

It’s clear to me – and has been for some time – that the future of the web, for better or for worse, rests heavily on the mighty shoulders of client side scripting.   Building on powerful, extensible frameworks like jQuery and MooTools, the next generation of web apps is sure to compete with the desktop.  The ability to understand how to utilize the frameworks when necessary and hack together powerful scriptlets for other purposes seems essential to success in the future web. I know I’ll be investing in “Secrets of a Javascript Ninja” just as a result of this tutorial.

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