I’ve applied a new theme to the site, so I’m now billing this as 10.2. Whereas prior to version “10”, each look-and-feel revision was likely a major increment, since converting to WordPress, a new theme is really much more cosmetic than programmatic. I’d love to hear your feedback, but I imagine the majority of my readers are reading via RSS anyway, so for those of you syndicated, here’s a screenshot for you: 10.2

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2 thoughts on “ 10.2

  1. Kroc Camen says:

    Completely impersonal.

    When people ask my opinion on design, don’t expect me to be any less than brutally honest 😛

  2. Adam S says:

    Yes, but you didn't like the old one either, so no loss. And I suspect you read via RSS anyway, right?

    In this case, I think the site has much more personality than the last incarnation.

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