Conversation with a Two Year Old

Jillian: Daddy?
Me: Yes?
Jillian: Dora sings Camel Walk.
Me: She does?
Jillian: Mmm-hmm.  And Benny sings Icculus.  And Tico sings Timber Ho.  And Isa sings Mockingbird.
Me: Really? What about Boots?
Jillian: Boots sings…. Timber Ho.
Me: Who sings Harpua?
Jillian: Uh… Cinderella.
Me: Cinderella sings Harpua? What does Sleeping Beauty sing?
Jillian: Icculus.


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One thought on “Conversation with a Two Year Old

  1. youston says:

    I got tears when my (then)3-year-old started doing the “Woo!”s in “Twist” and the “Hey!”‘s in “Punch …” TEARS.

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