Windows Vista Can Go &#@% Itself

After reading about the nonsense buried within the Windows End User License Agreement, and the crazy restrictions Vista is going to introduce, I’m happier than ever to be on a Mac.

Let me quote: So you can’t create a virtual image using Home Basic ($199) or Home Premium ($239). However, the EULA does allow you to use Vista Business ($299) or Vista Ultimate ($399). Hmmm… I wonder why? It couldn’t possibly be because those editions cost more, could it? Wanna bet? The fact that there aren’t any technical restrictions in place to prevent users from loading Home editions into VMWare, only legal and support barriers, sure lends credence to that supposition.

Let me ask – is the language in the EULA even legal? Can Microsoft actually prevent me from running software I purchased – and therefore, is properly licensed – in a virtual machine? What’s next – can they dictate that certain types of devices cannot be attached to my computer? Or certain BRANDS? What about certain files not being stored in NTFS? Can they tell me that I’m not allowed to visit certain websites with their browser? Or that I can’t install certain programs?

I use Microsoft products at work, almost exclusively, but I must say, I really wish there were an *easy transition* to an alternative, because Micrsoft licensing SUCKS with a capital “FRIGGIN SUCKS.” I’ve written about Windows licensing and how much it sucks before. But it’s getting worse. And what’s even worse is that people won’t read the EULA and will continue to sign away more and more freedoms. Sigh.

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