We Thrive on Conflict

So, I started thinking that I spend a lot of time angry. Angry at this nasty, deplorable administration, angry about stupid people and practices, angry about oversensitivity and having a general hatred for most of what mankind has become. Writings like this one by Kurt Vonnegut fire me up, and then I have to deal with stuff like this story, where a girl is being sued for saying “That’s so gay.” How about this wimp puss knucklehead guy who is suing a 7 year old girl for mistakenly rollerblading into his way while he was on his bike. Let’s not forget the most important story in American: the conflict over the final resting place of Anna Nicole Smith trial.

It’s just part and parcel of things – we stupid humans get get worked up about the most stupid things. I mean, seriously …why? Life is way too short for the riduculousness we force ourselves to endure.

We as humans thrive on conflict. We crave it. We hunger for it. We create things just to breed it. Our most revered events are based on competition which is just a more benign form of conflict.

So I am going to do my part and report, at least once in awhile, some GOOD things. Things that are good for the spirit. Things that are hopeful and inspiring. Things that make your feel good on the inside. Things that aren’t just long rants about how George W. Bush has broken America or somesuch.

Here’s the first one: A few months ago, I saw this story about this kid Benjamin Underwood, who lost his eyes to cancer at 3 years old. Since then, he’s developed his sense of hearing so profoundly that he uses a click system, known as echolocation, when found in animals like bats, to “see.” Ben is capable of detecting the most minute changes in frequency and timing, and as a result, can judge the distance to certain objects. He’s so fine-tuned his skills that he can actually pretty close guess what objects are in front of him. It’s really quite amazing. Watch the video, and hopefully you’ll feel as warm as I did.

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