State of the Union? F’ing Pathetic.

Says President George W. Bush “This country is pursuing a new strategy in Iraq, and I ask you to give it a chance to work.

This is the equivalent of when the three American Idol judges say “No” and the AI hopeful pleads, “Can I sing something else?” The response should be a resounding “NO!”

We gave you three years to make your Iraq strategy work, W, and you’ve screwed the pooch. As of this week, 7 of 10 Americans think you’re doing a crappy job, more Americans than not want you out of the presidency, and the fact that you would lead us further into war, a war that has been condemned by everyone from your citizens, to your congress, to your former cabinet members (including your former Secretary of State), to your joint chiefs for crying out loud, is nothing short of dispicable. When people stood in your way, even your own generals, you simply stripped them of their power like a true dictator. You’ve removed the very notion of checks and balances. You’ve broken the law and rewritten it to clear yourself of wrongdoing. You’ve disguised your crimes under the banner of defense, and rallied our sympathies on lies. You’ve wiped out democracy.

But I don’t have to spend my time being mad about this, because time will take care of things. The history books will remember you as a simple man too thick to make smart decisions or coherent speeches, a puppet of his corrupt administration (read: Cheney and Rove), the first person to begin to erode the freedoms that make America great. You will be remembered with a wince, a scar on American history, the man who turned the world against America, a man who leaves the country much worse than he received it.

In fact, if anything, we should thank you, Mr. Bush, for reminding us what makes America great. When your embarassing reign of terror is over, perhaps we’ll appreciate what we have here with the USA.

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