Picasaweb goes Gold …well, for me at least

I’ve gone ahead and transitioned my photos from flickr to PicasaWeb. Picasaweb is simply so much easier to navigate. Yes, it’s true, there’s no easy way to include a photo in multiple albums. Yes, this is completely anti-tag-based-systems and therefore contrary to everything I preach about Gmail, but the fact is that many people simply don’t “get it” when it comes to Flickr, and I find myself frequently trying to explain to less technological relatives show to use it. I love it, but it’s simply too complex for the Average Joe to follow.

Picasaweb, on the other hand, integrates freely with Picasa and iPhoto, which makes it VERY attractive, it’s cheap ($25 a year for 6GB storage), and it’s drop dead simple. So for now, I’m on Picasaweb.

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