OSNews 4 Beta Reactions

Some Positives
Much nicer than the old site, particularly the “recent comments” feature.

I find the site to be very aesthetically pleasing. It reminds me of a newspaper. The previous site certainly was better on limited hardware and small devices, but I do find the new site easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

Awesome work!

And from the Complaints Department:
New look is interesting, but I feel like something lost. Can not tell what is it exactly.

I am really sorry, I love the new features, but I *hate* the new look.

It’s somewhat “painful” to read, as in – it actually hurts my eyes. […] If it goes live in this current form with no way for me to continue using v3, I will be leaving this site.

…And my personal favorite:
CSS […] RSS […] Javascript […] So this is the “Internet Explorer Only” version of OSnews?
I’m not even sure what that heck that means, but I hope this guy isn’t a web designer.

The people who are either unhappy with – or in more cases than you’d expect, seemingly angry – about the new look haven’t offered a ton of specific suggestion, so we’ll sift through and see what we can pick up for changes. It sounds like some people just want v3 with Ajax. This surprises me greatly. If I can hack up a theme, they can have it.