Know Your Grunge!

The result of a conversation I had recently is this quiz I made up to test your knowledge of grunge music. These lyrics are all from popular “grunge” songs from the early 1990s – all were released as singles too. How many can you identify?

“Sell the kids for food”

“They’re farming babies while the slaves are working”

“Holding rare flowers in a tomb”

“I’m looking California and feeling Minnesota”

“And this is my kind of love, it’s the kind that moves on”

“Drag me far enough to know – I’m blind every mile that you burn”

“I’m gonna learn ya my philosophy, you wanna know about atrocity”

“Rests his head on a pillow made of concrete”

“They really want you but I do too”

And, if it doesn’t go without saying — NO GOOGLING!

Update 5/16/2008 8:56 UTC: Answers have been posted.

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