Welcome to the world, Jillian.
10/16/07 @ 13:06
7lbs, 6oz, 19.25 inches.


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6 thoughts on “Jillian

  1. Thom Holwerda says:

    Congratulations again :).

  2. Chris Campanelli says:

    Bro – She’s adorable! Keep those pictures coming! Let’s hook up before I move back to Jersey in late December!


  3. Jensey says:

    Congrats again… Jillian is a gorgeous baby!

    Let us know if you want pictures done! 🙂

  4. PK Bauer says:

    Congratulations to your wife and you for the new addition!! Welcome to the club of fatherhood! It is simply the best thing you could ever do with your time, if you do not believe me now, I am confident to soon will. Just remember to take it easy and to laugh as much as possible. BTW love your blog and I especially liked your Peace, Love, Tolerance, and Truth entry. Best Wishes!


  5. Alex Forster says:

    Whoa, congratulations!

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