Dope Wars for the iPhone

I love my jailbroken iPhone, and I am always looking for a new “game of the week.” I’ve been through several, at first, it was LightsOff, but that ends at 225 levels or so. Then it was Five Dice. Then 4 Balls, Domino, and finally PuzzleManiak. I was so happy recently when someone decided to port Dope Wars to the iPhone in the form of “iDope.”

iDope iDope currently has a lot of bugs. Mainly, your jacket storage is irrelevant, you can actually store unlimited items, you just can’t buy unlimited items unless you hit “buy all.” You can’t store money in a bank. It never ends until you die. You are mugged or fight the cops maybe 80% of the time you travel. But most importantly, this:

Notice my dollars? That’s right, I have $2,147,483,647. Two billion, one hundred forty seven million, four hundred eighty three thousand, six hundred forty seven dollars. Recognize that number? If you read my blog regularly, you might. After all, it’s the upper limit of signed integers. The game is officially boring – no matter what I do, I’m always capped at that number, I can never get more money. I wonder if the iPhone can support BIGINT.

Anyway, I really hope to see iDope get some love and attention, because Dope Wars is a fabulous and addictive game, but as is, I eventually get to the upper limit and have to start over… and over… and over.

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