B.C. Creator Johnny Hart Dies at the Storyboard

Johnny Hart, creator of the long-lasting syndicated comic strip B.C. died at the storyboard Saturday. He was 76 years old. Although in the later years, BC tended to have religious undertones, I remember reading BC book from the “Book Fair” as early as 4th or 5th grade. Many of Hart’s strips remain in my memory, some as my first experience with some more highbrow humor.

BCThere was an ongoing series about a caveman at a dictionary that used to regularly make me chuckle. BC was never a lazy man’s comic and rarely took cheap shots or cracked cheap jokes. Sometimes, as a young kid, I wouldn’t even totally understand the words – I remember one where the rules of football are explained to someone, and he stands still, blank expression, through the play. When asked why, he delivers the punchline: “I’m still marvelling at the jargon.”

Mr. Hart, you will be missed.

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