An Argument for PHP

Currently, over on Slashdot, there is an article on forthcoming features in PHP version 6. And, like most PHP articles, the comments section is flooded with jackasses arguing that PHP sucks as a language. I get frustrated by the entire “PHP sucks” campaign, largely because it’s like the HTML e-mail argument – mostly driven by the fact that it’s stylish to hate them – but I’m going to go further. I argue than everyone posting about how PHP is a bad language as a whole is an idiot. Every single one. Each is a foolish, arrogant, nerd sheep who can’t think for themselves. Update 5/14/08 20:39 UTC: Okay, this piece was linked by several sources, and the truth is, I had just read some George Carlin, so I was probably more aggressive than I intended to be. What I really mean is that people posting about how PHP is a bad language as a whole without citing any reasons are generally following a trend, trying to look cool, or too narrow-minded to be considered credible. And the responses I’ve seen across the net have, thus far, supported this argument.

Why? Let’s argue for a second that everything people say about PHP is true, as many of the complaints are sound.

It’s true the primary namespace has way too many functions – over three thousand, I’m told. It’s true that the function names are inconsistent, some have underscores, some don’t. It’s true that the function names are often verbose. It’s true that OOP was weak until recently, it’s true that register_globals was a security nightmare. All those things are potential issues, and all languages have them. As the “real programmers” who write Perl would never admit, reading other people’s terse Perl is often a f’ing disaster, even for seasoned Perl-ites. And when using compiled – for best performance, natch – you must update your entire site (well, all the concerned ASPX pages and DLLs) to make elementary changes.

That said, PHP is easy. Really easy. And it’s a trivial task to get a website up and running fairly quickly. And you can serve enormous amounts of traffic as proven not only by OSNews (who have been dugg and Slashdotted concurrently), but by Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Flickr, Facebook, and many, many others. And why are there so many open source PHP frameworks, apps, CMSes, etc? Because PHP is installable virtually everywhere, it’s very portable, and it’s really simple to hack up. Try installing something dependent on mod_perl (e.g. Slash or Scoop) and get back to me on the ease of the install.

The fact is, even if everyone’s fears about writing insecure code is true, the ability to make mistakes does not mean everyone does, and those who would forsake “the right tool for the job at hand” shouldn’t be trusted even to water your plants, because they are obviously nitwits. If you can’t concede that PHP can be the right tool some of the time for some situations, you shouldn’t be trusted to code or make adult decisions. No, I argue that the reason they dislike PHP is because many start with PHP and thus, admitting to liking it would make them appear to be a “noob.” It’s because they must appear to be seasoned pros. It’s the bragging rights on the 21st century.

Nobody has ever claimed PHP is the solution to everything, but it is a remarkably easy tool for scripting dynamically generated HTML. And, in my opinion and experience, it does so better than Perl, better than Ruby, and a hell of a lot better than both and JSP.

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