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Wake Up, Kitty

Even if you hate cats, you’ve gotta love this little clip.

Sleepy Cat

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Some Flickr Favorites

From time to time, I find some great photos on Flickr, and I mark them as “favorites.” But for whom? Well, I’m going to post a few of my favorite favorites. I hope you enjoy them too.

The Pink Slips, originally uploaded by roccokasby.

Crates, originally uploaded by cw3283.

Dinner, originally uploaded by verymiao.

soccer field, originally uploaded by Avi_Abrams.

Plums, originally uploaded by Loua.

So… WTF are you?, originally uploaded by eric.genn.

Muuuuuuuuca, originally uploaded by ewanr.
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Is this Damon Lindelof… at Camp?

I went to camp in Pennsylvania in the late 1980s, and I was friends with many people there, most of whom are now mere memories. But several years later, I somehow found a Yahoo! Group with many of my fellow campers, and then I built a website for the camp alumni. After a server crash in December 05, one for which I was completely unprepared, sadly, I lost most of the data.

So in the last week, I finally got around to rebuilding everything, but rather than host the photos, I decided to create a group on Flickr. I posted all of my camp pics. Many are of people I was once friends with, but have long since lost touch with, or worse, forgotten.

Imagine my surprise when I got an email from an old counselor who wrote to tell me “the “some dude” posted in your pictures is Damon Lindeloff. The same Damon Lindeloff that is co-creator of the TV Show – Lost.

(c) 1990, Adam Scheinberg, some_dude.jpg, originally uploaded by Adam and Jennifer.

Damon Lindelof I thought to myself – really? So I did a quick scan over to google images to check out what Damon Lindelof looks like. Lo and behold, it looks just like him (see image on left). And he’s the right age, born in ’73. And he is from New Jersey – my camp was mostly people from NJ and NY. So, this is very likely Damon Lindelof, one of the main writers of Lost, and at some point, at least, I was obviously friends with him. Kinda cool.

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Nathan was kind enough to send us a few pictures from the enagagement session. We ordered several photos, but these three are some of my favorites.

Shadow Kiss
This one was taken at the Disney Boardwalk, under the lighthouse.

Can I get you anything else, Miss?
This one is at the bar at the Disney Boardwalk hotel. Everyone seems to think this one is a magazine ad or something.

Another shot at the Boardwalk Hotel. Nathan really wanted us to improvise and just flirt. It’s hard to do that on command, but he caught a very intentional moment and made it look really nice, effortless, and sweet. It really is us just screwing around.